Intern-al Dilemma

The Summer Intern FreakFor us journalism juniors, it’s the season of filling out innocuous bond papers with self-serving titles, the ones emcees mention to introduce a judge in a talent competition, for example. But for us, we write down every honor and achievement we could think of, excluding of course “Most Neat” and the likes. We need to impress the media, advertising, PR, etc. companies to make our persona impressive. To make ourselves get in… as labor-abused interns.

I admit of being oddly excited of my summer internship. In my freshman year (yes, that early!), I told my self that I’ll be working under GMA-7, not because I’m a Kapuso (neither a Kapamilya), but because I thought a media corporation as huge as this would be helpful to dazzle up my graduate résumé. And GMA is specifically more welcoming to fresh UP CMC graduates, to add. But I figured recently, what if I am tasked to do things I don’t like, being hardcore in the news field, for example.
Maybe TV is not for me, I thought; Broad Comm is usually a course I feel reluctant to be labeled with- now why does almost everybody think I’m from Broad anyway?!– maybe because of the equipment and all the necessary technical utilization as the core of the course and not really getting the content which I am enthusiastic about. AND I highlight that newspapers are not my calling; yes, I’m from Journ but having been undergone newswriting class with a high grade though didn’t make me feel elated as a reporter enough. And to think, I’m not that well-informed and critical.

Online, meanwhile, is too… internet-assisted. I am someone who goes for fun and all. And speaking of fun and all, independent production teams such as Probe Team scare the hell out of me, mainly because it’s too public-affairs-hefty, thus not me.

So with those eliminated, I’m left with PR and advertising agencies which I would also love since they’re usually where communication graduates get affluent fast as compared to the repressed Philippine mass media industry. But PR is still unknown for me, and advertising is too corporate.

Hmmm. But before I run out of options, let us not forget something. The glossy. The classy. The specialized. The picky. (Drum roll please!!!) The magazine.

I always find magazines kind of mysterious; how do they cite sources to the pictures they post, how do they do all those advertorials, how do they fulfill photoshoots and all. That’s pretty mysterious for me. What do you think?

Okay, I‘ll be glib about it: I really like to be an intern in MANUAL, or Metro Him. So please, if you’re an MMPI or ABS-CBNPublishing associate, please help me get in!!!

Hehe. Desperate much? Yeah, you can call me that. But I think I’m more of giddy than desperate. Haven’t you heard that I already had a few of my OJT attires ready since Christmas? Lol. Yeah, Like that one in the picture. Of course, the neckties are laid too.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Wow. Ako rin, I prefer magazines over newspapers.
    Good luck pala sa’yo!

  2. Try PR.

    (i.e. Work for ma’am Jaz.)

    (i.e.i.e. BE MY SLAVE. *cue evil manic laughter*)


  3. hisnameisdencios

    hindi ka mag ggrow kung ililimit mo sarili mo sa trabaho. part naman minsan yung mautusan ka ng ibang hindi scope ng work e.

    hanap agad ng work kapag graduate na 🙂

    btw newpapers are better than mags

  4. to bev: wah, PR is still unknown for me. but ill surely apply, in case all the media companies reject me. lol. wag naman sana.

    to dencios: i think interest is a great part in every endeavor we people wish to pursue. specialization is hence a key. =p

  5. goodluck sa OJT! ako din. thinking of where to go. 😀

    pero i’m leaning towards the food industry naman. 🙂

  6. ehrr.. “too internet-assisted”? explain.

  7. kasi i go for traditional na reporting and publishing. hehe.

    actual paper i think suits me better.

  8. and what do you mean by the your statement that the Philippine media is “repressed”?

  9. traditional reporting? but the only difference is that online publishes the stories right away after they are submitted and edited.=b

  10. that we are not totally independent. and journalists for example hindi ganun kalaki ang kita.

    and we crawl to get to the top of the industry, i suppose. =)

  11. okay fine, the method’s the same. the output is what i like for magazines, but not necessarily newspapers. =)

    so apparently, i know nothing of the actual industry? haha. so how much less pag sa ethics na.

  12. not totally independent? are you talking about ownership and politics within the industry? or government control? you’d have to be specific, some media professionals might smack you. lol.

    everybody is supposed to crawl up, whatever field that is. btw, do you know that the pay in magazines is lower than in networks and newspapers?^_^

  13. well, i like the look of glossies too, not too happy with the content though. (unless it’s time or newsweek.=b)

  14. id go for government control and ownership.

    what? magazine pay is lower as to newspapers’??! no!!! that just crushed my dreams aka future!!!

    seems like the online’s the real FUTURE.

  15. “so apparently, i know nothing of the actual industry? haha.”
    –> di naman, natututunan naman yan paglabas, and i’m not lecturing you baka naiiinis ka na, nakikipag-exchange lang ako ng thoughts sayo. hehe

    “so how much less pag sa ethics na.”
    –> nah, you’re a UP journ student, you’re bound to (or at least supposed to) know the proper ethics. lol.

  16. don’t worry, di ako naiinis. haha. i love it pag may nagcocomment back sa blog na to.

    i’ve taken ethics under chua!!! yehey.

  17. Manual! Metro HIM!

    The “Fab men” glossy magazines. Hehe.

    I’ll be having my internship this summer too! 😀 I might get into an advertising or PR firm.

    Sabi ng seniors namin, kadalasan, menial tasks ang pinapagawa ng mga Media Organizations. 😐

    • “fab men?” what the hell is that?

      im supposed to be interested in PR or advertising, but im more addicted to be doing a job in a mag hehe. see you in the pre-yuppie streets of wherever!

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