No Hard Feelings

DISCLAIMER: No, I do not belong to any political party in or out of the university. No, I never am and never was a political analyst. No, I am not informative to any rules and ethics regarding campaigns. And no, I’m no saint.

Beforehand, I decided not to blog anything about campus politics within the scope of hardboiled commenting, like what I did last year. I thought that the urge to write something I am too inept could ruin my chances of harnessing journalistic viewpoints. I felt that I had no right.

But when this year’s college miting de avance transpired yesterday, I salvaged my few mature thoughts on the matter: from how the candidates articulated their ideas to how much substance their ideas had, or lack thereof. Mudslinging was always fun to watch, with some candidates stuttering down to their low self-esteems and some blabbering endlessly without actually answering the question. I couldn’t think which was worse.

With the two prevailing- actually, they’re the ONLY– parties in the college, choosing a color is a crucial question. And speaking of questions thrown, I detested the one which went like, “Since you are a blogger, do you believe in blogging ethics?” No offense, but… are you kidding me? Have you got no ethics class to serve your unbeatably helpful query? Please.

Apart from that, the afternoon went smooth: more organized and more civilized than last year’s, but the candidates weren’t really relentless-a-politician. Again, no hard feelings.

I can’t help it. Some of my friends are running for office. And the only thing I could do now is to think out loud. I can’t confront them about my personal contradictions maybe because it will always be- even though I love arguing- awkward. So to spare those antagonistic moments, you can always feel for me right now in this blog…

  • You say the outgoing council did a remarkable job. I wasn’t exactly factual if I tell right now that the council’s that reachable, except for the Journ reps anyway.
  • You say you’re committed to serving the students, be it through the college publication or through the council. How committed are you to not directly choose what organ to serve? To not commit to something you already have pledged service to? Redefine commitment, kindly.
  • You say out loud lots of issues and complaints so many you could write Mahabharata with those. And you can never face the fact that hey, students have become apathetic for collective action to be an option. Your way of leading isn’t necessarily “The Way” nowadays. Di na uso rally, you think?
  • You say you start with the self (micro) to better serve the rest (macro). You say to be realistic and serve what can actually be attended within reach- the students. Perfect: so the outlying masses could just enjoy poverty and that’s it. You just gave up with your immense contribution to the nation. What a hero. You deserve a monument.

You may think I’m rude but I do not attempt to apologize, these are just the musings of an ordinary CMC student who simply observes things. Read the blog title again to refresh your self. If you had, continue reading.

For me, sarcasm aside, I believe that an ideal student council of the College of Mass Communication ought to serve the students AND the nation.

It can never be just the students catering their bountiful self-serving desires developing so much socio-political insouciance in the long term, lest we’d be cast in a High School Musical sequel.

It can never be just the nation, since foremost, the students study in a school- and in it, they need assistance a council could only obligingly and generously give. It is first A Student Council anyway.

I believe that the college, as a fortress of communicators, needs to be gathered as a body, to necessitate a transparent system wherein students could freely offer each other initiative and volunteerism.

Hence who could ever forget the Spiderman cliché, “With great power comes great responsibility;” because ultimately, I believe that as UP students, we do not JUST grow within our excellence; that as scholars, we employ our great amount of power not to fortify our vain self-regarding interests, but to serve truly and above all our one and only Filipinas.

I still can’t believe I’ve blogged about campus politics again. Call me ironic.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. ha. ha. ha. yun lang, barry :p

  2. wow i missed something

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