Hugh Can’t Stop That

Congratulations to Heath!

Congratulations to Heath!

81st Annual Academy Awards: It’ so weird how Hugh Jackman acted like a complete silly foolhardy Jack-ass during the show. Haha. The opening number was for the win. Special thanks to Anne Hathaway.

And of course, his best quote, blaming the economic recession, would be…

“I’m an Australian playing an Australian in Australia.

We love Wolverine!!! Click here for more quotes!!!


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  1. i loved hugh. 🙂
    i made my recaps na. recaps kasi dalawa siya. hahaha

  2. But srsly, Jackman’s a man-crush of mine ever since I watched him on some tech movie (he’s a hacker there. ‘Round 1999? Hahhaa)

  3. Ohyeah. I love Wolverine! LOL.
    And it sucks I haven’t seen the Wolverine movie. 😦

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  6. love this actor… very versatile… hehe!

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