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The Curious Case of Busy Barry

pic by Jean

pic by Jean

When students reach the finals week/s, I have observed, they get to voluntarily stray away from the lovely splendor of social network sites (Ah, the crappy quizzes in Facebook! I shall go forth and Multiply! From Twitter with love…). But there have been such cases where the execution is hugely involuntary: My case. If I hadn’t known any better, I nearly abandoned my blog in stupor.

People cannot tone down the crazy bone. Because of such intense stress, I have seen the lambs evolve into wolves, then I’d spend time rationalizing what’s wrong with them- or with me. A CMC librarian known for her niceness I had approached yesterday only to hear her raise her voice for the first time, “Ano baaa?” the lamb cried. I can’t blame her though; there was a time where my face was kissing my laptop screen for a Socio101 paper. I was sitting on the corridors and then my blockmates came and greeted me cheerily. I arrogantly greeted them back with my right palm stiff in the air. Consequently they chorused, “Ay? Busy.

My friends would not seem to reply to my urgent text messages, unless I said I’m about to slash my wrist. In school, there seemed to be an atmosphere of a crammed newsroom or TV studio during times of war. I then spaced out and imagined my astral personality leaving my harassed body. Literal escapism, it is. ( Read more… )