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Same Lame Name

When you google Viloria, first tops the results. It’s some Filipino culture site, with a technically neat page. Next goes and then a cluttered distribution of news and Wiki about the boxer, Brian Viloria. Yes, he’s a distant relative of mine, something I find difficult to elaborate when the counter asks my name and she blurts, “Are you in any genetic relationship with Brian Viloria?”

When you google Barry, a reputable site for a school in Miami appears. Dandy, yes, but I’ve never known that there was some place named Barry University.

When you google Cyrus, The Great appears. He who founded the Persian Empire bearing some expansive influence in world history.

When you google Barry Cyrus, this insensate blog appears chiefly. A friend once verified if my last name is Cyrus, leading to my unlikely connection with the pop singer Miley. Blech. Google-able though isn’t necessarily flattering for what if my relatives (mum, dad, etcetera!) discover it? My mess would make them throw me out of their houses (they live separately).

In freshman high school, our homeroom instructor gave us some exciting assignment to research our own names. ( Read more… )


Hush Yuppies

In my first internship day- yesterday, a fellow intern from the HR of Summit sort of oriented me and my TopGear buddy Kelvin about dressing good. “(Chatter chatter) The attire is smart casual but as you can see, people here are more laidback so just make your selves presentable.” I bowed down and retorted, “Yeah. We’ll make sure.

Feeling Yuppie
Feeling Yuppie

For weeks, I have always been excited about My First Day, ye know, wherein finally I’m one with the ersatz-accented young urban professionals of our country. Dressing (or looking) good is probably one of the main reasons why I want to be like them, second only to having a Blackberry and swaggering with Arrow everyday. ( Read more… )

Now Hang Me Up to Dry

Recollection in Baguio (2005)

Recollection in Baguio (2005)

April for me has always been a month to be anticipated longingly. Several reasons spill like summer vacation, family and friends reunions, blah blah blah. I managed to go to St. Paul last Friday to loo out over some CAT aspirants and meet some fellow, uhh, alumni. To my disappointment, only a few of whom I knew came to train the young juniors in their grimy white shirts about pseudo-militarization.

Ralph and I sashayed into the comfort room and as we exited, our principal was walking towards us in the corridors. ( Read more… )