What do you guys think?

What do you guys think?

I don’t know what people are thinking here, but I know Deadpool‘s is going to be the next Marvel superstar. Yes, it has been confirmed that Ryan Reynolds will play the fantastic fighter, hailed from the comics.

The noteworthy spin-off is attributed to X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘s success, such that people seemed to have a positive reaction to Reynolds acting for it. I am awed, I mean the movie will be a spin-off of a spin-off! A lot of spinning there!

Now what happened to Magneto? I thought David S. Goyer would write and direct it himself? It was back when we thought everything was going smooth after the nauseous The Last Stand.

And all of a sudden people are again confirming the emergence of the Deadpool movie, together with the X-Men: First Class where the original five X dorks (Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel, Jean Grey) will unite as teenagers. I know it’s baduy but I would want the latter better.

Reynolds was called back by the studio a month before the release of Wolverine to film an additional scene – included after the credits of some (but not all) prints of the movie – which hinted at the character’s story continuing.

A source close to Fox said: “The film, which would be produced by Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel, has Ryan Reynolds attached and would be a complete exploration of this unique character – his origins, his emergence as the ‘merc with with the mouth’, etc. We are looking for writers as well.” [Coventry Telegraph]

In all honesty, I didn’t stay until at the end of the credits, I apparently forgot my jacket and I was freezing like nuts. I had to go out fast, and replay the action scenes in my daze- slowly, I was turning then to a mutant. The point is, Reynolds could belt the role out with his big mouth, but I don’t know just yet with the fight scenes. He was too pa-cute, too err… Spiderman.

I don’t even like the character fully, I mean, his powers include regeneration, superhuman strength and speed but do you not think that this is much of M U C H? Another problem is that would there be a sequel or prequel since as we all know, his mouth was stitched and gross. Now, what do you guys think?


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  1. wala akong maintindihan sa two latest posts mo. hahaha.
    nakaka-igno. XD

  2. You’re obviously not an X-Men fan.

    Honey, if the film would be about Deadpool, then the stitching of the mouth and all that plus plus superhuman powers would not yet happened. The story would be about Deadpool, not Weapon XI.

    So, maybe… it’ll actually have a story! HAHAHAHA.

    And I actually liked Ryan Reynolds… or maybe just his body.

    Damn those biceps!

    • more like a story on how deadpool survives, kasi it was a revealed na he is still alive as weapon xi.

      you are obviously not an x-men fan. haha.

      you’re just a ryan reynolds-biceps fan. lol.

      • Baka naman the movie would be a back story. BEFORE he became Weapon XI. Ugh, and dude, don’t tell me I’m not an X-Men fan. I am, the cartoon version though.


        I really really fancied myself to be Jubilee when I was a kid.

        And yes, I am a Ryan Reynolds Biceps Fan. He should have those insured.

        • jubilee?! haha. i watched the cartoons (not the relatively recent X-Men Evolution) kagabi with my bud in his pad, haha (fanboys) ayaw namin kay jubilee though. pathetic powers, sorry haha.

          MY FRIEND: Who gets named Jubilation Lee?

          PS Wanna borrow my DVD of the animated series?

        • Tangina.

          Didn’t you know that Jubilee could actually trigger an explosion much like an super duper atomic bomb (according to mutant telepath Emma Frost)?

          Hindi lang na-harness yung powers niya ng maigi, okay!?


        • if you are really into watching the animated series, you could have seen jubilee use her very USEFUL powers over the villains. thats why to begin with, she’s being hunted by the sentinels in episode one. she’s a weak brat, period. haha.

          the capslock overrates every comment you punched in. =p

  3. browncoat329027

    Ryan Reynolds would do fine in the role if they actually used him. He’s got the mouth for it, and I’d be all for the way he looked in Wolverine if he didn’t have annoying Mortal Komba Bakura swords, they hadn’t sewn his mouth shut, and he didn’t have a shit-ton of powers.

    Deadpool’s powers are enhanced agility and a healing factor. That’s all he needs. Period.

    I got a hundred bucks that says in the Deadpool movie we find out Weapon XI (Lame idea in the first place) was actually a clone. Its the only way they can salvage that catastrophe.

    • i might agree that those powers you mentioned for Deadpool are the ONLY ones he needs for his character.

      yeah, people are saying that reynolds did justice for the character’s…. mouth.

      i’m not sure on that if we’re talking about his fighting scenes. for me, those scenes were sorta funny. hehe

      • browncoat329027

        Oh, the fighting scene was rediculously over the top. The only cool Deadpoolish thing was the splitting the bullet part. I wanted more acrobatics, spraying of uzi, and breaking of the fourth wall.

        • yes. the bullet-split was tough man! i also seemed to like agent zero being an ass and all. the most useless one was will.i.am that he made blob look cool. lol.

  4. Er… Deadpool is ok, but I’d much rather watch Magneto’s back story. It’s the Holocaust, damn it. And Prof. Xavier’s in it too, before they became enemies.

  5. reynolds is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better at horror flicks like schizophrenia crazy guy killing stupid college students.

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