Light My Tire

Alam mo dati, pangarap ko ring mag-tie,” Sir Vernon once pointed. We were then dining in Mr. Choi and he was apparently talking about my attire: a brown breezy jacket hovered over a white floral tee, with a blue neck tie knifing through. Sir Vern is the second editor-in-chief of Top Gear Philippines and has been handling the locally-produced UK-based car-lifestyle glossy for some time now.

Thank you for enduring me for a month!

Thank you for enduring me for a month!

Of course, dressing (and looking) good is not the point of my internship: I didn’t wish to rally with the Summit employees, two remarkable which are the preppy-cum-clown guy and the strange one obsessed with everything fit and skinny. For the record, the Top Gear staff altogether dresses down to their alley and starts WORK. I’ve seen the routine and it was picturesque.

Last Five Minutes

I’ve just spent 175 hours and five minutes in Top Gear, with obtusely funny co-intern Kelvin; our last day, being yesterday. After that stretch, I wanted to earn the gall to reply to Sir Vern, “Alam niyo po, pangarap ko ring maging editor.” I’ve always been honest blurting out that Being In A Magazine is kinda glamorous. But when Sir Dinzo formerly asked us if the disillusion of the entire experience materialized, I didn’t know exactly what to say back. Being in a magazine, for me, has been one tough job in a yet convenient A/C room.

Cool huh?

Take Miss Sheng, our hardworking editorial assistant, the boss of mine. She’s so hardworking she makes the phenomenal call center agents look like infants. She’s just had her first year in the company and all I know, with her skills, she’s gonna make it big. (Sadly, she doesn’t take any multivitamins). And as for the rest, you bet they’re as stressed yet cunning— braving overtime like nuts. It’s no wonder all the full-time staffers are all single, Sir Vern admitted last month in their Career Issue. Personally, I’ll just stick to being stressed yet cunning… and that’s it.


Hard work is the key. And the realization, after everything? I would really want to work in a magazine, particularly in Summit Media. It’s not a coincidence that I only applied for internship under three publications. After graduation, I won’t exactly care about the money, well unless, you know, when all that family crap comes to me. Notwithstanding, my ultimate dream is still one and same: To be a magazine editor and a radio DJ and a TV host and a weekly columnist and an err… blogger, ALL AT THE SAME frigging TIME.


The most joyous thing with the decision to submit to glossies might be that, like any other media, I’d get read by a certain crowd. Like I think that’s what I draw my self in from wearing smart casual (with an occasional tie) to “work” as much as I can. So if you can hit the newsstands, I think my articles will appear in the June, July and August issues. I also believe my face will appear (right, as if that’ll coerce you more to buy. Ha-ha!). So that’s basically it, (an incoherent blog post about) a portion of my dream— for more than 30 days, it actually transpired— and I would like to thank the people in Top Gear for making it real.

PS You should hear the record where they sang Eraserheads’ Overdrive! Like, they’re awesome and all!


Yuppie is actually a derogratory term, not in the Philippines though.

For all I thought then, the Glamorous Glossy was a living legend.

Spice in some car drama.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. “Obtusely funny,” eh? I still demand a recount of your hours. I can’t believe you’ve clocked in 20 hours more than I did. Haha

  2. Cool. I can hardly wait for my internship.
    I also prefer magazines over newspapers… maybe it’s because I suck a lot in hardcore news writing stuff.

    • i don’t really suck though in hardcore writing (news and investigative), i am just more efficient writing ME in my articles. hehe. i hope you got me.

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