Only Selfish Love

im not that vainAfter terrible years of dispassion had I only learned a new thing about My Self: I AM VAIN. Narcissistic. Egocentric. Conceited. Swollen-headed. Self-absorbed. Self-centered. Self-loving– (I could go on, you know). I am a Venezuelan, so to speak.

It suffers a certain amount of humility though to accept this… this, this… fact (you see what I mean?). I am vain. The evidences are clear…

1. I like my name, and proclaim its profoundness. It’s the URL of this site and mostly my accounts are named after my, uhh, name.

2. I see a mirror and stare at it for not less than two seconds. Technically, that’s too long especially since a tinted window of a car in a car park could only take so much. I’m glad it doesn’t shatter to pieces, or that no one’s behind it broadcasting my hideous facial expressions in a gag show.

3. I first notice a person’s attire, for a guy that is. I imagine how’d his shoes fit me and stuff like that. I ask its brand sometimes, and would contemplate on hunting for it.

4. I try shopping for my own clothes myself. Okay, how normal this is, I am not talking. Beforehand, I didn’t care what would I wear with what (baggy pants were a horror). But apparently now, given my parents buying me clothes when they have money, and my tower of tops (literally. It once fell on my face) filling my dresser, I have been aiming for something I really want to wear. So that means my wallet goes shrinking into a molecule, like it already is.

5. I take pictures of my self. Nah, this is sometimes improbable. Nevertheless, I am officially an off-camwhore, meaning I prefer taking pictures of some others, things or humans, than my face.

6. I like my hair. I don’t know, I just like it. I neatly comb it until I become the creepy Thin Man in Charlie’s Angels, then I scruffily comb it with my fingertips until they look shaggy– all this to achieve that I-just-woke-up coif.

7. I write usually with the first person perspective. Noticed it?

8. I go to the facial center once in a while. But still, nothing beats those who visit them more often than they ; for the record, I don’t go to weight loss spas (hello, I’d lose my shadow if I ever subscribed) or to the gym (I have allocated none of my little budget on those body building laboratories; I’d spend it on food and fooood).

9. I have a blog WordPress. I therefore accurately label everyone with an online account as a vain mussel waiting to come out from his shell.

So if you have Multiply, Facebook, Friendster, Plurk, etcetera accounts, with your portrait holding frapuccino, and if you group-message like bananas over the SMS department announcing your whereabouts like everyone cared, you should admit that you are so VAIN. You probably think this blog is about you. Don’t you? Don’t you?

This is a meme. So go blog about the signs you discovered yourself that makes you vain.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Man, by the looks of it, I think you made this post out of boredom.
    Yeah, vain ka naman talaga.
    By the way, I have WordPress na.
    Kaso ang pangit niya
    (as if everyone cares).

  2. Of course you are vain! ‘Yon ang cornerstone ng friendship natin!
    But wait, i did not know you go to facial centers! Daig mo pa ako ha!
    You should bring me to one!

  3. You’re not vain Barry dear, you’re gay.


    What wonderful insights you have about yourself – and yet you discover these just now?

    Random: I can type in the dark. Hahaha

  4. taking pictures of urself is ok. lahat naman gusto yan. yung may ayaw nyan madaming insecurities sa katawan..aminin.. pero kung katulad mong proud mula sa name hanggang sa buhok at hanggang sa pananamit e talagang vein. meaning mahal mo lang sarili mo, tama?

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