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Forever in Billie Jean

I thought I wasn’t writing about Michael Jackson‘s surprising death. But hell, I was disturbed by my constant humming of Billie Jean the past week! One of  my few favorite song of his! Read READ! I had no idea why I was in a Moonwalk daze. Glad that I wasn’t executing the signature dance step though, or that would shame me and my excruciating dancing skills (if you really call it skills). ( Read more… )

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Poop

Patrick McKenna Whut?

Patrick McKenna Whut?

I’m glad I didn’t get to spend a lot to watch Ron Howard’s Angels & Demons in the big screen, or else I would have to garrote myself. I’m stingy that way: A fair price for a fair quality, good enough for a principle. Nevertheless, the movie is one heck of a cuss word buffet, which reminds me again to NEVER watch book-based flicks. ( Read more… )

Sea Shells She Sells

HappySlipIf you don’t know Christine of HappySlip, you’re either not exploring much, or you’re not Pinoy. (We, Filipinos, have this common denomination of putting up high on a pedestal our countrymen who are internationally recognized, may it be an over-adored boxing champ, or an underwritten extra in Star Wars). I discovered HappySlip (etymology comes from half-slip, that women thingum) when a CWTS groupmate of mine mimicked her stints in the first vlogs.

Christine is a Filipino US-based nurse, I think, and has been a face in YouTube before making it to her new home. She’s like the Vlog Queen getting a lot of stats on a daily basis. I believe we do have our homegrown male vlogger around– Coy is his name. Anyway, Christine has sort of inspired me to make a vlog of mine along time ago. And I kinda did a few. But to publish it to you guys, I would have to slash my voice box first. ( Read more… )

Poke His Face

Imagine your ID like this

Drink it man!

Drink it man!

I was accosted by the security guard stationed at the left wing of AS yesterday. Case: Not wearing my student ID. I was rushing to my class, and since the wearing of the lanyard as a university uniform has declined thus not plastering my ID on my chest anymore, I was given the benefit of the doubt. Or just the doubt. The people ahead of me were nonchalantly strutting their derrieres inside the building, gliding past everyone. But the guard in the usual white sleeved top and blue slacks pair, singled me out, “ID mo, pakisuot lang.” ( Sometimes, we want to be mean… )