The Devils Wear Plaid

I'll JUST go home.
I’ll JUST go home.

I’m joining Big Brother— it’s certified. I have proven that I can confine myself in the house with the same people for almost a week now– on second thought, Kuya and his domineering voice ticks me off; I wanna go to his studio and strangle him the first chance I get. (Ratings-wise but I’d be imprisoned nonetheless).

Have the plaid shorts and pants deliberately moved on? I discovered a cool style website for men, which I found myself wallowing in for the love of all that is pure. The author says that the apparel was okay until everyone was fitting them. I thought the style was too country i.e. barn-ish, and they have been worn at full-moon by the emos. Blech. Then again, what do I know about style?

It was cool when it first started and only the “cool” stylish guys were doing it…but now every man, their father, and their grandfather has at least one pair. It is no longer unique…and when it is no longer unique (especially when it is a look that is meant to “stick out”) it is game over. [Men’s Style]

Scares you out!
Scares you out!

Reading Esquire (I hope we had it in the country) back issues was a whack– it was like being hit by an airplane for having discovered Natalia Vodianova, Alessandra Ambrosio and… Maja Latinovic. They’re hot, very successful models among their contemporaries, hot, statuesque and truly hot. Natalia (Russian) is marreid, after being saved in 2004 by an acid-splashing attacker. Alessandra (Brazilian) has a passion for sunglasses (TADA!). Maja (Serbian) wants to be a– gasp!– doctor.

It is kinda blissfully odd when you think you had the longest slumber in your life. It’s seven in the morning, and you are now semi-conscious. You’re still about to sleep again, ignoring the knock on your door. And then dammit, the knock won’t stop so you race your flaccidness to the door. Your six year-old niece stands right there, and asks, “Tito Barry, are you still asleep?

And oh, my friends have I mentioned yet? Please buy Top Gear (June issue): The Euro edition. I wrote for them for internship. And I think I have a photo in page, err, 100?



PS Incoherent I KNOW.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. i am planning to buy a plaid short on monday, thanks for this post. lol. i think it’s very hip and stylish. but, hey, what do i know about style, anyway? LOL

  2. haha, i totally agree. fashion isnt fashion no more once evry god-forsaken guy is wearing it. totally frustrating. it hurts my eyes and my tongue not having to personally say this to them. ;p LOL

  3. idk, f&h kase ako!

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