The Fourth

Pic by Jean Agor

Pic by Jean Agor

Academic year 2009-2010 knifed through the Manila storms— jeepneys sputtering, crowds scuttling, rainwater pissing— what omen to realize that you did not return to school. It was school that had returned. The erratic weather conditions having you to rummage a flexible attire. The routine so familiar you almost don’t get that excited. The people you know now being outnumbered by the unknown species. It’s the real deal, you jughead: You are officially a senior.

With this sappy introduction, I now narrate some few cute stories of my first week of being a fourth year. Porchirr, to some. Last year. Last chance.


  • It was not the first day yet but we in CMC had already an activity for the freshmen. The council had the organizations take care of the kiddos after a strangely longish orientation. Groggy, hungry and with semi-chagrin, I emceed for UP MCO with Melai. Block A was a crazy bunch nevertheless.
  • Kea found an apple wine in our org closet and altogether, we suggested that we should guzzle it before she could take it home. And we did. We stayed on the prominent short stairs of the College of Music and shared the goddamm thing, while spying on people, bitching on life after this year and ridiculing Erap as presidential candidate.
  • When Ana Tan dropped Kea and me at McDonald’s, Katipunan, we spontaneously rushed inside for a coffee and sundae. That same night, the alco/coffeeholic princess complained she cannot seem to sleep.


  • At last, classes started. With my preppy get-up, I braved my latecomer syndrome by going to my first period, well, late. AS I shut the door, almost the whole class greeted my name. Fine, LATE. Talk about stating the obvious.
  • I met up with some international classmates American Matt and German Honey. I grabbed Tina to abet me in the conversation and so she perkily asked Honey, “Do you know any cuss words?” Matt felt cheated because everyone knows his language.
  • My PI100 prof didn’t show up so Bikay, Kelvin, Jake and I just hailed a cab back to CMC from, yes, AS. Hey, we’re practical that way. It was just 10 pesos each.
  • The CS Auditorium which was my NatSci2 classroom in freshman year was a dump. I’m more than glad now that for STS this sem, the room is as cool as I’ve never imagined. Guess there’s room for convenient improvement.
  • At dusk, I had a sort of Paulinians reunion in McDo with Tin, Gerald, Aea, Dwight, etcetera., the UP-Ateneo Katip Bunch, St. Paul Chapter. He night ended with nonstop reminiscence and dead Sisters.


  • As I wasted time, I hung out with KJ and Jean and before we know it, incredible meanness was seeping out of the Comm Res lobby. I then had lunch with immaculate KJ on the AS steps and assumed ourselves as freshies. Gerard neared me as he reiterated that I had been chilling like a pershirr. Dammit.
  • I reunited with my Speech friends in Children’s Lit class. It seemed like it was one of my majors, and even the professor still knew me. Except for the girl in front of me who muttered, “I don’t know Barry.” Gee, thanks.
  • Unbelievable, we each introduced ourselves in Socio10: WE WERE 40! I was one of the seniors on finger count. Not to mention, my FA friend Skip was there. Whew.


  • We had our first PI100 session. And I staggered to my sense as the Rizal-a-hero-or-not? debate went on.
  • For STS, a tremendously long slide show was thrown by the first speaker. It was good, except for the student who attempted an intelligent intro: “Science. What is science? Perhaps, it’s the most fiercest…Eyeballs rolled inside the venue.


  • Thesis class and I was 45 minutes late! I was so… me. Dammit!
  • For PE class (Tae Kwon Do), we were lectured on simple self-defense steps that early. Poking eye sockets, grasping groins, knuckling noses— wow, I didn’t know these were taught in school.

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. I know you, Barry. (:

  2. nakakamiss!!! not cmc but you guys!
    you’re a senior!!! so old. Hahaha.

  3. gawd. 45minutes late?
    damn you barry! haha
    well at least pumasok ka.. at least..

  4. ow. cool. pagkatapos ng taong ‘to, certified journalist ka na! nice.

  5. cakiedoodledhere

    Lunch and hanging out with KJ should have included me.

    I am a social pariah!

    Actually, I’m just an student minoring in ORG. Org work is soo guzzling up my free time! I miss you guys!

    And well, we haven’t had our movie night, Barry.

    See you!

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