Thesis Really It

More or less after a year, you would spot me already wretched in a capricious grade-conscious mode in the CMC library, winking teary and chinky eyes, perpetually flipping books and unpublished theses, jotting down like a seismograph measuring earth tremors, all in the love of holy research, err… thesis. [Thesis Not It]

S c r e w i t !

I never thought I’d be chewing on my words when I blogged about it last year. I’m here aghast by the realization that I Do Not Have a research problem yet. It’s weird is it not? My problem is looking for a problem. I’m bereft of focus, of inclination, of passion to go not suck up and head to the library and look up for subjects of discourse, inhale and utterly masticate likable trends, current events and all that shit. Or at least to pretend to.

It turns out I am not having a thesis partner, which is just as well allowed in our department. This therefore means that I am going to sail the academic gloaming alone, far from the pressures of professors for duos. Also, my interests in the field are also not so complementing other individuals’, even if they belong to the closest friends I’ve gotten. Altogether, as to avoid further compromise. In our J199 class composed of about 20 students, half I think are going solo. Individualism, anyone? Lol.

And now what? What topic do I have in mind? I already have but to be published not so soon. I have yet to consult with my adviser.

Funny how even way before, I have been thinking of my probable topic and look where I am now… clueless and shoeless, that’s all. I heave a sigh.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. 7deadlyjeans

    “Funny how even way before, I have been thinking of my probable topic and look where I am now… clueless and shoeless, that’s all. I heave a sigh.”

    aren’t we all? at least I’m a bit happy with my pseudo topic.haha

    • whats yer pseudo-topic again? microblogging? maam jazz claims Vlogging is indeed interesting but dammit, im so satiated by BLOGGING as a discourse. ayoko na. haha

  2. thesis? ayoko nang naririnig yan. hahaha. grabe yan, naalaala ko tuloy ning high school ako.. padaan sa blog mo. 🙂

  3. make pasabog barry! haha. gulatin mo sila sa topic mo 😀

  4. dude kami rin nahirapan sa research problem. what we did was think of what we wanted to do: webseries and then think of a problem na yun yung sagot. haha. lame i know. but good luck! you can do it!

  5. I’m very lucky na tatlo kame sa group para gumawa ng thesis. Very lucky, again, na naka-isip agad kame ng problem for our topic. Pero hanggang dun pa lang kame sa topic, and we started nothing.

    Goodluck sa mga thesis natin!! 😀

  6. hahahaah!!!di ka nag iisa tol..kung sila wala pa…ako din wala pa… ^^

  7. Good luck! As what I sent: “Ang saya mag-thesis!!!” Repeat this mantra daily to ensure your graduation.

  8. goodluck sa thesis mo dude. 🙂 wow individual thesis! risky but impressive. buti nalang may mga groupmates ako.. sila gagawa ng paperworks tapos sa defense lang ako! HAHA

  9. THESIS TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. :(( WANNA CRY? I WANNA CRY. I wish I can just skip the thesis part. HAHA

  11. argh! thesis gawid kan walay tau langenen hahaha

  12. Haay nako! Haha. We’re on the same boat! LOL. I can’t think of a good thesis topic. Haha. And it so happened that my latest post also talks about that. LOL. 😛

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