Three-fourths Crazy

UP GP 2009

How would I describe last Friday? Kireiiizeee. Crazy. The theme diffused at unimaginable levels alongside the national walk-out and the Gawad Plaridel 2009. On the former, I could hardly forget my friend Lui from telling us how the student activist blocked fellows on their way to class, “Ang crazy nila ngayon, grabe.” Of course, the strike was a political issue for me, and was to be taken very seriously. Some apathetically stubborn professors just won’t let us go! Screw them!

Prancing in front o' me

Prancing in front o' me

9:15. Morning comes and I am late in my thesis class (as usual), but I then manage elaborating my reformatted topic of journalistic discourse to my professor. I whip out how the homegrown young men’s style magazine Garage (of The Sesame Seeds Creative, Inc. under Manila Bulletin) represents the “young modern men” who happen to be the publication’s target audience. Hmm.

My professor is intrigued then finally declares, “Ituloy mo yan ah!” sending me to ecstasy. Hence, I am now patenting this statement of the problem and whoever attempts to superciliously steal MY topic— or even just to think about it, I would know— shall see the WORST of me. Evil glare! Lol!

10:00. After class, I hand my Tinig ng Plaridel illustration, to EIC Sophia, as a contributing member of the staff. I am thrilled how TNP has been working since most of them are my batchmates.

11:30. Everyone’s leaving the halls of their colleges to gather in the AS lobby. A brief anti-ChaCha program is going on among the blazing embers of red T-shirts. I silently await my Socio10 prof, when apparently, more than half of the class is not attending. Finally, Ma’am arrives and proposes us to choose where to conduct our class: DITO (in this oxygen-deprived classroom oven) or sa BABA (in the gusty, cheery lobby)?

“Ba-ba…” we meekly chorus, a symptom of our respiratory inadequacies. As we reach the lobby three floors down, I SMS Lui to pick me up for lunch. I eventually flee from the “class.”

12:30. I get dragged to have lunch in Chocolate Kiss with Lui, KJ, Moses, Marga and Clara. The thing is my stupid singaw punishing me every time I chew my food. Ugh.

1:15. I arrive at AS again for some short Speech122 rehearsal. For our group production, I am to voice as a nine year-old boy and a father. Okay now, irrelevant.

A Lightning of Crowds

A Lightning of Crowds

2:30. I enter UP Film Institue for Gawad Plaridel 2009, only to discover that the supposedly 1PM-program hasn’t even started yet! The merits of Filipino Time! I sit with my blockmates in the lower right panel of the theatre, with my glasses on (boo). And so the program starts—

3:30. My PE class is starting any minute now! I gush out of the theatre and face a looming rain. Thanks to my forgetfulness, I initially left my umbrella in my other bag! Crazily, I run like a wet dog to the gym! But as the shower turns into a downpour, I settle ridiculously in the Alumni Center where I ponder that, no, I’m not going to class. Being the grade-conscious me, I hope people participated in the walk-out and my taekwondo professor didn’t show up.

—I see independent filmmaker cum performance artist Kidlat Tahimik making a spectacle out of himself. He dances, prances, jokes spontaneously in a supposedly formal lecture (he was asked to talk about Philippine independent film industry. “Industry? Really?” he challenges.), performs a spontaneous dance number in his spontaneous bahag and with a dozen spontaneous Igorots. Kidlat (Eric de Guia in real life) is so spontaneous I feel like a worthless drone— with no cell of arts in my body. He is so spontaneous he literally springs out of nowhere! One time, he is onstage and a minute after, he’s now beating a mini-gong in front of me! Oh, how crazy! Crazy but delightful! Kidlat makes this year’s Gawad Plaridel a remarkably one-of-a-kind event and I salute him for that.

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PS Ang puti lang ni Jean (with the bow) sa pic ah. The editing maven! Lol. Peace. At sa lahat ng puwede kong pictures, IYAN pa!


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  1. Oh. The Gawad Plaridel. Wala man lang nagpasabi. Last year may nagyaya sa klase namin e. Wa. Sayang.

  2. OMG! kidlat tahimik!!!! we met him in baguio this summer and he was so nice to us. galing he was awarded!

  3. One Silly Writer

    I wasn’t able to go because of… grrr. I should have gone anyway.

  4. Taekwondo is your PE? That’s cool. 🙂

  5. sabi ko na c Kidlat Tahimik yun eh…

    i remember during my college days. kelangan kasi naman maghanap ng stories para sa broadcasting na subject namin then we saw him pakalat kalat sa session road. na starstruck kami kaya nilapitan namin siya agad at di nagdalawang isip. yun nga lang dahil nastarstruck kami wala kaming nagawang tanong. then he immediately asked us “kilala niyo ba ako?” dahil di pa rin ako maka get over di ako nakapg salita buti nalang yung kasama ko naalala name niya… haha…

    nwei, if you happen to vist Baguio try to go to his place Oh my gulay! La Azotea Building, Upper Session road. ma aamazed ka talaga sa mga artwork niya. yun lang hehe…

    ay yun palang anak niyac Kawayan gwapo rin yun mas starstruck kami dun… haha… 😉

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Mitiu is in the picture!!!

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