Gratitude Problem

dirty little secretIf you know me very well, I am someone who cannot freely (and willingly) express his own emotions. I may bitch out and cry, “Ow!” when I am thumped on the nose by a Frisbee disc, or may jump over finding lost items, but on occasions where I am expected to shed a tear or just look down and pout, I am out of the picture. Much more on occasions where people do favorable things for me, and I should be nothing but thankful; eventually, I could only say, “Uy, thanks!” and that’s it. Back to the indifferent universe.

I hold back my emotions and feelings naturally as if there’s something wrong with them. In a sort of retreat in Tagaytay two years ago, we in our class were asked individually what we would want to achieve or to be and then we’d wind this ethnic tool upside down. This process was significant of our “transformation.” I remember myself saying, “Sana after this, I’d be more expressive.” I wound the thingy upside down and years after, I am still a dispassionate sponge.

Well, what’s the point of this entry?

Hi, guys this is Barry sincerely saying THANK YOU.

Yep, that’s AllCaps. I know this blog WordPress is not really your kind of blog (Note: I am not a blogger), but to the stats I gain every single day, and the comments I enjoyably read, thank you all so much. I thought that I’d be leaving blogging as part of my life cos I’m graduating soon and an online journal would be like a thing of A Student Only, but thanks to you, I’d still try keeping this work. Unless I forget my password once more, this blog— my friend Steph labels it as “publicity”— is operating like fireworks.

Last week, I was approached by my public relations professor and without warning, she genially said, “By the way, ang galing ng blog mo ah!” I was left speechless, almost forgetting to say words of… gratitude. Goodness, a profeszuhr actually read my blog! Quite my “blogger friends” and the identified visitors (non-spam), who log in just to comment that the content of IDIOTBOX is a joy to the neurons, elate me. And to you reading this right now, yep, you you whoever you are… THANK YOU.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. NAKS, i;m proud of you!!! HAHA

  2. Because I was mentioned, I will comment. (Paimportante, much?)

    Wheerrrrrrrrrrrre’s the video Barry??

  3. Naks. You’re welcome, Barry. hehe

  4. my first time to drop here…more power, more expressions….

  5. you’re welcome! yuck.hahahah! pero seriously…nice photo!

  6. I am (kind-of) like you too. I can be talkative and noisy (in a weird, gahd-shut-up-na way) but during “emotional situations” I find it hard to express myself. Pero siguro naman, the people who “matter” get us :>

    First time ko `to dito! Cooool blog 😀

  7. hisnameisdencios

    hindi kaya type ka nya? haha kidding! thank you too barry boy!

  8. Nung nasa kolehiyo ako, nagkaroon kami ng “self awareness” prior sa duty namin sa Mental Hospital, kelangan daw yun para di kami matulad sa mga pasyente. Kasama sa self awareness yung sabihan ng mga deepest secrets at problems at kung anu anong maaring magdulot ng “transference” o “countertransference”. Ako lang di umiyak.

    PS Magaling naman talaga kasi ang blog mo.

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