Broken Strings

blake in blackI admit it: I slept through the State of the Nation Address (SONA) yesterday. Worse, I didn’t even have the effort to switch on the television to behold Gloria’s face. More to admit, I’m supposed to be a journalism student— let me rephrase that, I Am A Journalism Student Who Ought To Watch The SONA. From the five Ws and one H of the news writing course, Gloria is the most relevant newsmaker there is (at least until her term’s over). And the media, as watchdogs, had to endure capturing all her accounts from her evidences of corruption to disgusting boob jobs down to her JC Buendia gowns.

Ahh… Gloria. It’s been eight years, my moronic countrymen, and I survived. I might as well be featured in Survivor for the Philippine government is such a grotesque place to live in. I don’t know about you but I am against Gloria from the start (I mean, come on, how one dares take advantage on people’s outrage in a huge rally. Whip out a bible, put on a gray blazer and be the next president! The people in EDSA, especially those who were far from the shrine, might not even have recognized her to begin with). The woman’s untouchable, with the military tied to her small fingers that even with demonstrations passed, scandals reproached, seemingly this woman got away with it. This woman’s powerful, one of a kind… Gloria puts the terrible in small.

With this, I posted a status message in Facebook wondering if there are still pro-Gloria these days. Honestly, I expected comments saying “No one! Duh,” or something. Then one… one person replied that he… that he… he is. I jolted out and asked why. He then typed that the current president has made such “improvements” in her term. I replied back, saying that Gloria is a lying dictator. Then he replied that she is not “behind” the extra-judicial killings but her detractors who envied her a lot. I was cringing incalculably but as to not lecture someone on Facebook, I just told him to read up. At home while I was watching the news, people were saying that it’s not the president’s fault that unemployment is high; “They should find a job and be peaceful,” one uttered flawlessly. I was reminded of my PI 100 professor who told us that UP students should be the ones who topple domestic debates, who fight back especially if they are provoked. Instead, I kept my cool, and swallowed by urge to strangle people.

So I think by blogging this, I hope I am doing unenlightened people a big favor. Not that I am an armchair activist or a know-it-all preacher, but at least thwacking a hammer just to “enlighten” people is avoided. When you say “improvement,” ask yourself deeeeep… what do you exactly mean? Higher unemployment rate? Higher number of OFWs? More foreign investments? More Guinness’ friggin records to boast? More Pacquiao news? More extra-judicial killings? More commercialization? Less national assets? And so on…

And when you say “it’s not her fault,” then whose fault is it? NERD MODE: Remember C. Wright Mills’ concept of sociological imagination? He said that people feel “trapped” cos they are absorbed by their selfish gravity, they don’t know how history and biography are connected and so they have nowhere to run for but themselves only. If people had this awareness, Mills proposed, they’d acknowledge the social environment as a useful tool to understand themselves. So ask yourself now, whose fault is it but the government and social institutions that one doesn’t have a peaceful job and life?

If one has to go overseas just to provide for his family because in the Philippines he earns so less, does it mean that he is not learned? Is it his fault therefore should he be assessed to be an illiterate man who ought to read self-help books, attend character management seminars and convince himself that he is an “Ako Mismo” creature?

It is not the system’s fault that it is corrupt! It is not! It’s not the government’s slip that a large chunk is impoverished! It’s his fault! Barely his! Then what is the government’s job in the first place then? To wear couture barong and baro’t saya and clap for a shameless speech? It is, isn’t it? I think you just saw them doing their “job” on national television yesterday afternoon.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Then one… one person replied that he… that he… he is.

    HAHAHA. I think I can imagine your, err, shock.

  2. PRO gloria ka ba?? or ANTI gloria?? heheheh

  3. whoa. ang init ng ulo. haha. tama ka dito:

    `It is not the system’s fault that it is corrupt! It is not! It’s not the government’s slip that a large chunk is impoverished! It’s his fault! Barely his!`

    minsan kasi hindi naman kasalanan ng gobyerno kung sakaling walang matinong trabaho ang mahihirap e. e kadalasan pa kamo sila naman ang pabaya at mg atamad kaya paano sila aasenso kung pati ang inirarally nila ay di nila alam? damn it diba?

    gumawa din naman sila ng paraan.e ang lumalabas e nagpapagamit lang din sila sa mga buwaya!

    • dude, you totally did not get my point.

      that was supposed to be sarcastic. of course IT is the government’s fault. rally’s call for a social change. we are not in an individualistic society that we own up to our mistakes by ourselves. blame the government.

  4. I didn’t watched it too. I can’t remember if I intended to not watch or I forgot. Doesn’t matter anyway (even though I am a Journalism student too).

    They say the SONA was semi-awesome. Even if I watch it, I will not comment anyway. It’s not the government’s fault entirely. Neither can we blame it on the mass. But most of the times, people make businesses out of things that are not supposed to be for businesses for their own good. Assholes.

  5. Impressive.

  6. You have a point.

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