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Wherever He Lives, His Hat was his Home

ALL SMILES (Pics by Me)

ALL SMILES (Pics by Me)

If Saturdays were like this, I could’ve resorted to immortality or less bleak, insomnia. August 22 was a day another awesome day (“awesome day,” n: be productive and all-glorious in one single day.”). In the morning, I ran to Orgboost and showed support for Lui. After lunch, I left and proceeded with Kat and Rod to The Arena for the UP-DLSU game. At night, I then joined JJ and headed to The Fort Strip for Hip Hop Royale. I cannot still believe I did those In Just A Single Day. To think, I never attended to my ever-ubiquitous problem: THESIS.

( Holidays Attack, UP-UST & UP-DLSU Games, Orgboost, SMSI Hip Hop Royale!!! )


One Saturday Knight

up-ust game + incognito partyAnother pictoblog for you, guys, in case the recent pictures of myself haven’t completely extracted your soul out of your body yet. This happened exactly a week ago— one happy Saturday— after I was feeling exhausted from the MCO Night and Music Bank session. I slept at Dreo’s in KNL where he shares with Ely and Ryan— all of them under GMA-7. Sheeze, made me think of an independent life after college. Whee! Scary yet thrilling!

Anyway, at nine, I woke up and saw all of them similarly sound asleep and so I just left them a note saying, “Thanks for the night…” Ely texted me when I got home and went, “I saw your note. Did some ‘thing’ happen?” Haha. Crazy people.

After a brief rest at home, I readied again for the UP-UST game. See, if you think I’m watching basketball games Just For Fun, you’re mistaken. I watch it For My PR Class Grade. Beat that. ( Read more… )

The Flossy, Flossy, the Glamorous

Barry and Alumni

Barry and MCO Alumni

Last Friday night was, in my about four years of membership, my very first MCO Night. Happening only once a year to culminate the student organization’s anniversary, resident members and alumni would raid their closets to look good, gorgeous and g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s in a civilized— well, theoretically— dinner. I’ve gotta look dazzling, I then thought. Turned out, I was among six other guy orgmates asked and/or tasked to dress… in drag. ( Read more… )

Goodbye and Yellow

Pic by Ronin Bautista (Shiela, Barry, Pao, Billie, Trish)

Pic by Ronin Bautista

Two Fridays ago, my speech friends Lui, Angela and Pau were haply all clad in shades of yellow. They did not talk about doing a dance number. At the same day, there was a class rumor that indeed, Cory Aquino was dead. We then mused on the very bleak coincidence. Turned out it wasn’t true. Only then after about seven days, the portent materialized in front of the nation’s eyes. The former president is dead. She is, and we couldn’t do anything about it.

( WARNING: Too much stress, too many events, too many pictures, so little time… )