Goodbye and Yellow

Pic by Ronin Bautista (Shiela, Barry, Pao, Billie, Trish)

Pic by Ronin Bautista

Two Fridays ago, my speech friends Lui, Angela and Pau were haply all clad in shades of yellow. They did not talk about doing a dance number. At the same day, there was a class rumor that indeed, Cory Aquino was dead. We then mused on the very bleak coincidence. Turned out it wasn’t true. Only then after about seven days, the portent materialized in front of the nation’s eyes. The former president is dead. She is, and we couldn’t do anything about it.

Pic by KB Meniado

Pics by KB Meniado (Yearbook Meet One)

Last Wednesday, the media revolved around the demise of yet another famous person. Cory Aquino was adored by the camera and the papers from the time she became a widow (or before that). She sternly challenged predecessor Marcos into a snap election and history well teaches us that she led the “peaceful” 1986 People Power Revolution. It was not sooner that she became the first female president of the Philippines— an icon of hope and social change. As much as the textbooks and the mass media have been telling us from the start, Cory is a one of a kind woman.

Although I did not have any awesome personal stories of the late Cory, the death saddens me in a way. I do not seem to understand why the ones who are moral and distinctively honest pass away ahead of the wicked, treacherous kinds. Is the earth being survived by the evil forces? Am I to endure them for the rest of my life?

This reminds me of the opportunistic Saluki-looking scoundrels who, the minute Cory died, printed shirts and produced key chains “commemorating” the late president and her goodbye. They sold the stuff for P150 (yellow shirts) and 3-for-P100 (key chains) at the grieving queues in La Salle Greenhills. If they are reading this blog right now, I could’ve haughtily cussed them like a mad priest, but unfortunately, they’re too busy making money or mislaying their IQ points. Are they not haunted by guilt of seriously transforming Death into marketable merchandise? Is it possible that they have never encountered a relative’s death before? I understand that they have to raise their finances but can they not wait until the person they are making big bucks out of gets six feet deep?

Cory hasn’t been an excellent president, Filipinos know that. She made a great step through the revolution but no good had happened afterwards. But even with these, look at how the Phili— world is reacting now. With the yellow ribbons that tie a screwed nation, people are to remember her more of a mother and a good one at that.


Also on Cory, I watched the ADMU-NU; UP-FEU game last Saturday in Araneta Coliseum. After the event commenced, we were asked to be silent for a minute to pay respect to the late president. Then we clapped. I wondered hugely. Again before the second fight, we were silent. Then we clapped once more. I almost frittered.

Anyway, the Ateneo Eagles pecked on the Bulldogs with a massive lead. Not so miserably, the Fighting Maroons got pounded by the FEU Tamaraws. But of course, the Maroons took it all out with just a six-point defeat. Still a good job, UP!

Pics by Me

Pics by Me

I should go watch more often. Not only that the patron seats add thrill but I got to see more friends. I saw my blockmate Kat (and her girlfriends), not that I don’t see her everyday. There was Lui whom I see everyday and her best friend, Lotlot de Leon’s daughter (I’m sorry I forgot her name :c ), whom I don’t see everyday. And oh, speech friend Riki, the charming courtside reporter (Haha!) whom I see not so every day anymore.

Apart from them are the journalism dudes and dudettes. Ronin, the journ almost-prodigy and Trish Roque, former classmate who now graduated and is working for the UAAP Media Relations. Yey.


And lastly, as a bonus here’s Soo-Young’s Korean dance mania I took from the JMA Acquaintance Party/inuman last Tuesday. Lol. I’ll be blogging more soon!

Pics by Me

Pics by Me (Let's work it out Soo Young!)


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  1. Aww! Namiss ko tuloy si Ma’am Jaz!

  2. wow. seem fun. magkano ticket court side?

    glad to know feu stabbed UP to death. 6 points is 6 points barry. watever u say haha. i kid (ginaya lang kita haha)

    at sino naman ang cute lady in 3rd grp pic at lower right facing monitor? paglaki nyan she’ll get hotter.

    bagay kayo.

    enuf of cory. shes happy now.

  3. wow ayaw mo namang magmaroon barry… hehe…

    nwei, i havent tried watchng a live basketball game… laging sa tv…. hehe kaya di ko alam ang feeling ng nagchecheer sa school… haha

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