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Barry and Alumni

Barry and MCO Alumni

Last Friday night was, in my about four years of membership, my very first MCO Night. Happening only once a year to culminate the student organization’s anniversary, resident members and alumni would raid their closets to look good, gorgeous and g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s in a civilized— well, theoretically— dinner. I’ve gotta look dazzling, I then thought. Turned out, I was among six other guy orgmates asked and/or tasked to dress… in drag.

Yeah, that’s right. The first ever absurd pageant took place about four years ago (with Bikoy as the winner) and with some absurd way of thinking, the officers this year brought it to our inhospitable doorsteps. I was kind of frustrated beforehand knowing that I was to “dress” and be a girl. But of course, I swallowed my smugness and became truly competitive.

Ral's; Bikoy getting dethroned; Rona; Me and Kea!!!; Popular Sandy doing my make-up (Pics by Jean Agor)


At seven in the evening, people went in all lookin-good at Rals’ restaurant in UP TechnoHub. See, the complex was a really stunning place (especially at night) if it weren’t a commercialized state-university setting. Anyway, the buffet was superb even just by starin at it i.e. Bicol express, sweetened adobo, leche flan, etcetera. Hmmm! It was just disappointing that I haven’t made most out of my EXPENSIVE fee since three-fourths of our time spent in the place, I was in a seriously uncomfortable attire. Seriously disappointing. I knew the other guys felt the same way too. The girls didn’t have a problem with it, they can eat demurely with their make-up on. We, guys, can’t just eat like ourselves with all those foundation, eye liner and skimpy (mine to be specific) garb. But oh well…

I became Miss USA, crafted a really jerry-built yarn wig, borrowed some mini-skirt and brassiere, talked dumb, brought my niece’s dog stuff toy, glided like a Victoria’s Secret model, and voila! I was a blonde hookah! Lol!

The other boys who joined were Gusto-ko-nang-matapos-to Harry (India), identity-puzzled Jedd (Colombia-cum-Philippines), ultimate performer Jerson (Egypt), pretty Paolo Gogo (Bahamas), and graceful Jake (Korea). Jerson won the crown and ended with a short speech. “I have a speech,” he went, “I expect(ed) this.”

Best Dressed for the Night: Melai; Sandy and Simon; Patty and Kay (Pics by Sandy Lipio, Kay Kwan)

Best Dressed for the Night: Melai; Sandy and Simon; Patty and Kay (Pics by Sandy Lipio, Kay Kwan)

And ask who came as a runner-up. That’s me, alright. I didn’t know that my Payless/LuckyMe-inspired yarn wig plus my abdomen showing off zapped the judges (Bikoy, Chesa and Nel). Lol. Paolo of course, won People’s Choice and Best Costume awards.

Tremendously, it was a night of comedy with other people in Ral’s gaping at our freak show. Yeah, it was A Freak Show. I knew I didn’t mind getting laughed at by my orgmates, I am comfortable just that, but what was bothering was well, the rest of Ral’s customers. Let’s not do this setting again, people. Puh-leeze. I’d better be on Wowowee.

After-party shots per batch; Jerson, Jean and Me fooling around (Pics by Jean Agor)

After-party shots per batch; Jerson, Jean and Me fooling around (Pics by Jean Agor)

The party ended about midnight and before I knew it, alumna Ynna dragged me to join the other alumni in an after-party. Nel and Patty drove us to Music Bank, Tomas Morato, which so obviously looked like a real bank only that the “vaults” were videoke rooms. See, I love singing and so with Chesa and Dreo yelling to April Boy Regino AND April Boys Medley (there’s a difference), we altogether sang to the end of this not-so-glamorous world.


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  1. “alumna Ynna dragged me to join the other alumni in an after-party.”

    —oh c’mon barry, u wanted to be..ehem..dragged. hahahaha :p

  2. MISS USA!!! BWAHAHAHA that one would look good in the yearbook hahahahaha

  3. Good thing na the photos from our Bb. MCO days are gone forever!!! hahaha.

  4. wow, iba na talaga ang miss usa. 😉 haha! good job barry!

  5. Hala, bakit walang pic nung runner-up? Haha. Peace out. 😆

  6. I still go for you as Ms. Best Abs Everrr. 🙂 And for you and the rest of the contestants as Ms. Good Sports, too.

  7. where’s your pic!! HAHA.

  8. hi, just wanted to ask, wer in timog is Music Bank? Thanks

  9. Hi there I like your post

  10. Hey extremely good blog!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your weblog and get the feeds

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