One Saturday Knight

up-ust game + incognito partyAnother pictoblog for you, guys, in case the recent pictures of myself haven’t completely extracted your soul out of your body yet. This happened exactly a week ago— one happy Saturday— after I was feeling exhausted from the MCO Night and Music Bank session. I slept at Dreo’s in KNL where he shares with Ely and Ryan— all of them under GMA-7. Sheeze, made me think of an independent life after college. Whee! Scary yet thrilling!

Anyway, at nine, I woke up and saw all of them similarly sound asleep and so I just left them a note saying, “Thanks for the night…” Ely texted me when I got home and went, “I saw your note. Did some ‘thing’ happen?” Haha. Crazy people.

After a brief rest at home, I readied again for the UP-UST game. See, if you think I’m watching basketball games Just For Fun, you’re mistaken. I watch it For My PR Class Grade. Beat that.

At 2PM in Araneta, I met up with classmates Lyane, JB and Cherrie and altogether endured the first game: Adamson versus NU. The Adamson all clad in cobalt packed more than half of the coliseum. They were so engrossed with the game as if it was the last game of their ever-cobalt lives. The NU audience who were noticeably outnumbered, won anyway.

Just one question: Are the Adamson crowds really like THAT? It was like I fell into an unfamiliar jungle when my friends and I sat with them. And the game: I did not just watch that. Okay, enough from being judgmental.

And so came in the UP-UST game. The Tigers are a known rival to the UP Pep Squad, and I guess the supposed rivalry swept through the basketball games. I adore the UP Fighting Maroons especially when they vanquished Ateneo about three weeks ago. Recently, they are becoming more capable and a champion at that.

Nevertheless in the game, even if the Maroons were leading (and winning) until the third quarter, they got overtaken by the Yellows. I was fine.

No, I was not.

As I transferred to the seat next to Mean Girls Kat, Ela and Anne, I rose to an inexplicable tension and the game rising to the last minutes. I screamed at fangirl Kat, “I can’t do this. I’m so depressed that I’m having cancer.” And I imagined her watching over a million UP games all live, so I just shut up. The game was unmistakably superb. Bravo once again to the Maroons! But one thing I do not get. Just one tiny thing. Why were the UST students seated IN the UP crowds? Were they color blind? Did they feel fulfillment when they squirmed as the enemies cheered? What if UP people were feeling carnal then— like the prior Adamson-, did they think they’ll ever get out from the stadium alive? They score three points and this tubby girl stands up in her UST-print jacket dancing a relentless “Go Uste… Go Uste… Go Go Go Go!” I wanted to stone her with my Coke can.

Bitter and dejected, I finally rendezvoused with Stef and Nick in McDonald’s Katipunan. We were supposed to ride together to Fullybooked Top Shelf, for the UP JMA Incognito Party. But materialized Kate Tuason and Soo-Young, so we all went together.

At nine, we finally reached the venue and saw Boss. But since no one parties at such an early hour, we figured we could roam around for a while. We bagged some Krispy Kreme, smoked a lot (they did, anyway), got startled by Victor Basa striding with us, caviled on girls who posed with the letters of the NOKIA fluorescents, and judged the dogs that passed by.

At about 10, we jumped in the Fullybooked elevator and reached the Top Shelf, and started to roll. There was an Open Bar so we altogether enjoyed the whiskey. I hobnobbed with some JMAers and stared at the seriously wild secrets sent to Incognito. The No-I-Can’t-Read-This post card was something like, “I played with your dick in a sleepover… and I know you were awake.” Dammit. Crazzzzy people, talaga. Lol!

Incognito Party (pPics by Stef)

Incognito Party (Pics by Stef)

Another funny story was that we looked into Fullybooked’s super sale. Yeah, we’re nerds like that and so with the 80% discount, we bought at least one book for ourselves! Can you believe we just did that?! Haha. At about one midnight, Stef, Nick, Boss and I left The Fort and settled to a really cheap bar in Xavierville. It was so cheap that I thought I was already drunk.

And so, we talked about lotsa stuff given that those three were born with heavy-duty livers. And I was left out: The boring goody-goody. They challenged me to drink my first Red Horse, and I did it. Without throwing up! Hah! Nick worried about his apartment electric bill worth 11 pesos, surmounting his lots of equipment inside. Boss narrated about the legend of his nickname (Boss = boses paos). Stef, well, smoked and drank and smoked and drank and laughed at my perkiness. And I felt really tipsy but not drunk. I never get drunk, trust me.

After-Incogntio Inuman (Pics by Me)

After-Incogntio Inuman (Pics by Me)

At three, we all decided to rest, and oh, I wished all Saturdays were all like this.


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  1. “They score three points and this tubby girl stands up in her UST-print jacket dancing a relentless “Go Uste… Go Uste… Go Go Go Go!” I wanted to stone her with my Coke can.”

    I LOLed so hard on this one. HAHAHA. I wonder if the girl ever felt out of place during the game. HAHA. Anyway, I was supposed to watch the UP-UST game but I decided not to because we’ll have preliminary exam the coming monday.

  2. Hmmm…. As for me, there’s only one BIG fight! Fight Fight Blue and White! Go Blue Eagles! Go Ateneo!

  3. hisnameisdencios

    sarap mag party no? if in case puede ba akong makijoin sa inyo? hehe

  4. haha. sure sure.;. All the best!!

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