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ALL SMILES (Pics by Me)

ALL SMILES (Pics by Me)

If Saturdays were like this, I could’ve resorted to immortality or less bleak, insomnia. August 22 was a day another awesome day (“awesome day,” n: be productive and all-glorious in one single day.”). In the morning, I ran to Orgboost and showed support for Lui. After lunch, I left and proceeded with Kat and Rod to The Arena for the UP-DLSU game. At night, I then joined JJ and headed to The Fort Strip for Hip Hop Royale. I cannot still believe I did those In Just A Single Day. To think, I never attended to my ever-ubiquitous problem: THESIS.

Which is bad, of course. For a senior like me, thesis is supposedly the stepping, not stone but, pebble to graduation. There are a gazillion pebbles more to step on which means I should go back to the academics portal as soon as possible. But please, before you find yet again this blog as a rant of a grade-conscious sleepless wishy-washy teenager, bear with the following narration of the past whole week experience:


  • Grad Assembly. Together with the rest of the Graduation committee, we had this assembly wherein concerns on the yearbook most especially were discussed. The meeting was fine, given that in such a small building, we in CMC do not communicate a lot. We know each other, people try to outshine each other in the college but at times, we never speak unless we’re introduced. Weird.


  • Quezon City Holiday. I love Quezon and Quezon City and Quezon City Holiday, that was my Facebook status message of course. I needed a rest and it was the perfect timing.


  • Ad Hoc. It was almost the most exciting school day ever. After PR class, I received the news that PI class was cancelled. Also, there was ACLE in the afternoon which means Half-day! Yipee! I then bought my PITCHBLACK: Ad Hoc Party tickets (Read: You should friggin go too! This is the biggest college party in the metro, and actually in the country!) in BA.
The Biggest College Party in the Metro

The Biggest College Party in the Metro

  • UP-UST Game. I went to Araneta with blockmates Kat and Ela to watch the UP-UST men’s basketball game. We lost, then again the UP Fighting Maroons delivered only having six points more to follow.


  • Ninoy Aquino Day. My nephew Kyle celebrated his eighth birthday at home, and even though they kept referring to him as “celebrant,” I dissuaded myself from correcting them. It was fun only that I hoped his getting older would mean having his niceness come out. Lol. I still adore that kid.


  • Orgboost. I was actually two hours late which was nonetheless insignificant to blog. At lunch, Lui asked me and Soo Young to “entertain” the Kuya from another school. Turned out, he was from New Era Unviersity JMA. I was sort of chipper in inviting him to PITCHBLACK: Ad Hoc Party which will be held next week. “It’s a party, free-flowing drinks for everyone!” And he looked at me incredulously and asked, “Are we to wear corporate?” He was not joking.
  • UP-DLSU Game. Actually, my blockmate Kat and I arrived quite early for me to have witnessed by second viewing of an Adamson-NU game. Spectacular. We both were all-mean, seething over the left time to endure the game. Subsequently our PR professor and some of my classmates proceeded to the media room and circled around for a prayer. We were arrayed in such a way that we could be peculiarly mistaken for a cult. I blurted, “Rosary ito?” Seconds later, Kat and Trish brought out their rosaries! We were really to pray the whole five Glorious mysteries! My first communal prayer in a looong time.



  • Anyway, the game was not for those with alta-presyon. UP was leading all throughout and only got surpassed by La Salle for not more than two points at a few times. The UP Fighting Maroons were a thriller to watch, thus theories materializing that our men’s basketball team is a force to reckon with once again. We’ve beaten the monopoly patrons of Ateneo and DLSU, so as far as I know, never underestimate the Maroons.
  • I exited The Arena and met up with JJ, Carlos, Soo Young and Josh. JJ who was wearing green was an Atenean. He beamed over his delight of his “double-victory”— UP winning and DLSU losing. So he just drove us to The Fort Strip with all smiles.
  • SMSI Hip Hop Royale. At about 7:30, we parked at The Fort Strip and alas, the heavy rain kept us inside for a long while that we even attempted to just play cards until the friggin downpour to halt. And when we found ourselves in the event itself, running to the building without an umbrella, free San Mig Strong Ice beer was given out. I didn’t like the bitterness of beer but my thirst made me toss down two cups of it. Blech.

I left early and got welcomed home by my aunt on a laugh trip, “I saw you screaming on TV— mouth wide open!

Had enough? I know the week was exceptional and I hoped Saturdays were more like August 22. But anyhow, I’ll do thesis muna. Bye you!


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Nakakainggit. Ang saya saya naman ng buhay mo. 😀

  2. waw party!! bat wala ako dyan??

    Porke ba ano hahahaha
    di kasali school namn dyan!

    hahaha joke

  3. aba supporter ka pala ng mga org at basketball team… ok yan..

    galingan mo sa pag aaral… isang linggong pa gibig pala ang post mo ngayon…

    padaan lang po…

    • yeah, im very supportive of the up fighting maroons this season cos they ARE really improving. and you should’ve gone to PITCHBLACK! :p

      (yeah, im so busy right now that I don’t even know)

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