The Bitch was Pitchblack

PITCHBLACK: Experience blindness. Enter the Imagination.

PITCHBLACK: Experience blindness. Enter the Imagination.

After a lackluster UP-FEU game in San Juan Arena yesterday, I managed to flee from the tragedy and headed to SMX, Mall of Asia for my job briefing for the night. At dusk, I was together with UP JMA’s Ad Hoc Committee all warmed up to pull off the— altogether now— Biggest College Party IN THE Metro. Now if you know what I mean, proceed.

This semester, Ad Hoc meant what they have been saying from the start: Imagine… no more. They brought PITCHBLACK: Experience blindness. Enter the Imagination. to the metro’s’ doorsteps. They worked it out amid political turmoil, academic dilemmas and whatever came along. I, for one, have already been flogged by the continuous hell days thanks to my 18 units. Thesis plus the erratic weather made me cranky this way, that I have decided that, yes I am entitled to party.

At 6PM, I schmoozed around with the Ad Hoc PC Committee (lol!), discussing mostly on what to deliver from McDelivery. It was Clea, Soo-young, Gella and Vinnie who hung around while the real Ad Hoc guys were all busy and jittery. We then munched on fries, burgers and Coke anyway.

When people little by little came in, Amber and Katie— our bosses— perforated us to our posts. I, with Soo-young, was tasked to do the tearing off the tickets and stamping on their left arms everyone who enters. Yeah, I was an android and every time I pressed the stamp on someone, I would splash a smile and greet, “Have fun!” You know I had fun doing it, doing beso and high-five with whoever I recognized as my friends. I did the thing until about 11PM and after the entertaining job, I stepped in and, what else— joined the more-than-a-thousand crowd. Good enough, I didn’t miss the eleven o’clock surprise. Whew.

More people. More drinks. More friends.

More people. More drinks. More friends. Cake and Kelvin; Jean, Ivy and me; Lazo, Malco and Miklos; Fierce Joseph and Nissy; Me, Nick and Stef

At 11:15 though, we were all ornery with “Wait, what now?” and “Oh! It’s Lour already drunk! And I haven’t sipped one yet.” Lol. Bia then walked in and announced the official start of the program, and as the lights went out, the walls lit up and we were surrounded by stunning 20-ft projections. Before you’d know it, the bitch was PitchBlack.

The party went on, with the beats of 2009. People were in grayscale attires including me (I suspect they were thinking what I’ve been thinking just the same then: “Be one with the theme, wear black on PitchBLACK). The totally unappealing Cossack Vodka was dribbled by the tasty alcohol of Barfly! Of course, it was free flowing drinks All Night Long (UtakGAGO wouldn’t believe!). But still… Read: I drink very very rarely.

What I especially liked about Pitchblack was, aside from the drinks and everyone looking good, I was with people my age. A lot of my friends were there, which made me jump from a clique to another. Even tourists were there, in their yet raggy attires (which again helped me conclude that they’re tourists really). One apparently drunk French girl even shoved me and my friends out of the blue saying, “Hey let’s dance! You’re so stiff!” With her height and temporary lack of sanity, we knew she could make us do the Macarena.

Capital fun.

Capital fun. Lexi and beau; Me and Bia; Me, Lian and Malco; Amber and KJ; Grace, Nikko and me.

And so maybe at twelve or one, I cannot truly remember, I exited the rowdiness momentarily and tried to breathe oxygen outside. Clearly, there were lots of people smoking and just supporting their consciousness. I was staggering, I have never drank that amount of liquid my entire life. Which is not to say that I drank gallons like the barrel pros. I was feeble with even little alcohol (I’m still a good boy— dammit), and I knew it. I hung out with Rach whom I acknowledge as a hard drink-guzzler. “Can you make me sama? I’m already drunk,” she uttered.

Little by little, more people were also out, chatting and appearing to be stable. I don’t smoke so I just walked in and out of the venue and danced a little. Surprisingly, an overwhelming crowd was still in. More music. More drinks. More friends. And I felt my ethos coming back. I was fully alert, as if nothing had happened.

By about two in the morning, the drinks ran out. I was subject to disappointment, I never expected that the people had black holes for stomachs. I mean, as if they had control over it, but at least no brawls or pukes were witnessed. I finished the party alright and then congratulated the Pitchblack team and wandered out. Boss, Nick, Stef and I then left and headed conscientiously to McDonald’s Katipunan. I then slept at Nick’s as I tried to believe that the biggest college party IN THE metro had just happened.

Congratulations AD HOC!


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  1. Everytime I tell my party stories from the Philippines (and I used to go out a lot because of AIESEC),nagugulat sila on how “light” we party in the Philippines. hahahaha.

  2. you whore!of all the pics in ur cam you had to choose the one in which I wasn’t looking! NEEDY DRUNK MANWHORE!!


    lasingan party ito!!

    hehehe bawal ako d2 hahaha

    ang dami nyong magkakakibigan nakakaingget

  4. sosyal! party pipol!

    teka, kuya, kamukha mo ung c robby sa PBB teen edition..oi, cute un ah..kaya alam mo na..^,^

  5. Wow, ito pala ung UP-JMA pary. Ugh, I miss partying. 😦

  6. hey good am…

    just hopping


    bat sa school namin walang ganyang party LOL

  7. GAH I don’t know, I’m antisocial. [I believe you, actually. And I’m still UtakGAGO here! Huhlolz.] I should’ve went there but my mind’s floating someplace so I didn’t buy your shit. :p

    Medyo namiss ko ring mag-party ah.


    UP JMA AD HOC is the biggest college party in this fuckin country. We get you so fucked up every semester with free flowing drinks, hot boys and girls, good djs plus music and a kick-ass party concept!!!

    Proceeds go to the K.I.D.S program wherein we send 29 young boys and girls to school!!! See you next ad hoc!!!!

    FUCK YEAH, i did my speech HAHA

  9. i feel the rush!

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