Hell Week Hath No Fury

09.26.09 Better Last than Never

09.26.09 Better Last than Never

Hi guys, sorry for the miserable lack of updates. I seem to have noticed that my recent blog posts are about events that I’ve been to and just those. I haven’t been watching movies and reading books to keep this damn WordPress still a hit (Lol!). You know my stats have been waning thus I’m disappointing myself. My hell week is technically not a week, not a month either… it’s unending! Above all, unnerving! I’m frustrated; I want this semester to end now. Dammit. Now.

Anyway, here are some current events that I think are bloggable— from personal to national ones:

  • Kids at Heart. I went to UP JMA KIDS tour to the World of Science in SM Mall of Asia last Saturday. Twas worth the short while. The highlight was this huge sphere at the center (which I thought was just a storage room), and inside was a sort of movie house. The cozy seats were reclined and in elevated row arrangement, such that we were like facing up. Looking to the air, we saw an awesome globular screen a la IMAX. Cool huh? All of these for just 330 bucks, go bring your brats in.
  • Ateneo Swallows UP Whole! Okay, so they prepared to avenge the single loss which is a Maroon historical magnum opus. I just wish Ateneo and LaSalle meet over the end. I’m so watching.
  • Mar Roxas Backs Out. I heave a sigh and pronounce, “AWWWWWW” Not. See how politicians in this country entertain us. I hope Mar would spend a day viewing his padyak commercials and reflect on his pre-campaign-not stunt. He backs out the split-second his campaign team realizes that someone else has outshined their electoral path, and with obvious reasons, does not stand a chance. Admittedly, Noynoy has diverted the public’s sympathy for the demise of his yellow-clad ancestors to him. Now that’s good PR, but the public in that case is being round-the-top fooled. Do they really think that Ninoy’s courage and Cory’s— gee, I dunno, moral spirit?— have been absorbed first-hand by the combover-obsessed senator? Back to Mar, I hear he and Korina Sanchez are pursuing their marriage still in a few months. Another “AWWWWWW” moment, only this time, they should beat Ryan and Juday.
  • Holiday Rarara!!! Brilliant Gloria-Macapagal Arroyo declares September 7 and 21 as “non-working holidays” (Read: holiday in the dictionary means, “freedom from work.” Must we be redundant?). Again, what’s up with keeping it on Mondays hence blurring the essence of a real holiday? Secondly, why are there a lot of holidays surfacing? Pardon to the INC followers but I am speaking of these non-working larks goin around: Must we need a day for “national mourning?” I believe the discretion is delivered to the individual, not used to rouse everyone to leave education out especially given the diminished number of school days for this semester. People will more likely to go to the malls, believe me, and that’s how they’ll mourn.

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. hahaha.,. reho pala tayo.. welcome back rin!! 🙂

  2. hey g0od ur bAck! hai.. Mar ay nagbAck0uT bC0Z of the low survey. Un lang un. N0t bC0z dhl kay n0y.

  3. Brilliant Gloria-Macapagal Arroyo declares September 7 and 21 as “non-working holidays” (Read: holiday in the dictionary means, “freedom from work.” Must we be redundant?).

    Gloria and her own diminutive self is redundant.

  4. i definitely agree with you especially sa last part eerrrr… about holidays.

    siguro tayo ang may pinaka-maraming holidays sa buong mundo. 9sa US, handfuls lang) minsan nakakainis na rin na puro na lang holidays. siguro para sa mga estudyante at employees masaya yun pero economy naman natin ang umaaray. hai. at sana naman iannounce nila ng maaga ang holiday, maybe a week before.

    btw, i’m poot of chillspot pala. napadaan lang ako. daan ka rin sa blog ko. exchange links?

    • hi, uhh poot thanks for visiting.

      actually, holidays i think boost the capitalist economy in general. people shop and tour and do all kinds of, nevertheless, wasting money. the date itself is disregarded. the sole purpose of the holiday which is to commemorate is dramatically lost in the woods.

  5. Ang dami namang events ng JMA!

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