Way Beyond the Gold Standard

UP Fight! (by Jean Natividad)I make it a point—no, a tradition to watch the UAAP Cheerdance Competition every year. Except for 2007’s, I have attended all battles at least during my college stay. I always aim to show-off that We Are The Best School In Town even if I know it’s condescending. I feel that the showdown is the best civilized way of bragging the university someone belongs to, even if beyond technical, it may be the most barbaric one could witness. Last Sunday’s competition is indeed my last viewing as a resident UP student at that. And sorely, even if we finished third from being the defending champion, I enjoyed all of it.

A stupefying Sunday heat hits the Araneta and I am blocked to enter the press room. They tell me that the PR staff from my class— a numerous six of them— are already too much. I dismay myself so I then proceed to Upper box A with my friends, altogether with the overwhelming UP crowd. I observe the coliseum. I seem to have reckoned a lot of things worth keeping in mind. Some are obstinately unkind so if I appear too mean, let me be frank: STAY OUT.

Pic by Jean Natividad: Look it's Riki Flores!

Pic by Jean Natividad: Look it's Riki Flores!

  1. The FEU crowds look like prisoners, with the straining bright yellow shirts plus El Shaddai-inspired hankies, I suppose I have the point— they are coerced to cheer for their school.
  2. It’s Ateneo’s year!” cries one of my high school friend in Facebook; apparently, she’s an Atenean and I do have to approve. Toss those fedoras baby!
  3. The UST students, who set the “gold standard,” walk home with long faces. Faces so long they weather the soil.
  4. The most arrogant of them all, the Iskolars ng Bayan, rock the coliseum. As we hear our tragic trouncing from the championship throne, we succumb. Not. Go Uhteneyo! we cheer. Go fight Tamaraws! we screech. Everybody else happy. (A classmate of mine says she read a nonetheless discriminating UP banner. In it wrote, “NO IQ NO ENTRY.”)
  5. I do not prefer having Penshoppe as the sponsor of the UP Pep Squad apparel. So… dreadfully plaid. Bad portent.
  6. We could’ve been second if Ateneo didn’t lash the popular Moonwalk, a frivolous .03 points push our team to second runner-up.
  7. Ateneo should change their name Blue Babble Battalion now. Since they have already attested their competitive side in the cheerdance, free them from the awful name. I mean, whoever named them “Babble” should be beheaded whatever he or she was pointing out. Look up the dictionary and find what Babble means, will you please?
  8. Some teams should just vacate their spots if signs show that they’re not, or never be, winning, Give us your seats; that’s commonsensical.
  9. UP is always legendary, innovative, athletic and superb. You cannot oppose if you have a brain for methodical judgment.
  10. I await for next year’s competition: Tis gonna be fantastic. Imagine, FEU defending the title, Ateneo proving their worth, UST attempting to resurrect and UP… killing them all. No amount of mascot can beat our Oblation. Like what my blockmate Kat says, the students shall crawl back to their schools once they see Oble marching in. Excite yourself.
Pic by Jean Natividad: UP Life

Pic by Jean Natividad: UP Life

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  1. nice! at least UP made it to top 3.. Oh well.. I cant help but chant..

    “fight fight blue and white go go ateneo sis bumba!” HAHA.

    wont comment further. If I only passed the UPCAT exam then I could have been cheering with you.

    I agree on the babble part.

    Ill be hosting the cheerdance competition in our school. Im hyped about it. My college should win this time.

  2. well… Ateneo was the best because of the hairspray ending… hehe

  3. Grabe lang ang “No IQ, no entry” ha.

  4. hehehe contra to sa entry ni dencio ah…

    nwei, lahat magagaling… panapanhon lang yan… hehe

  5. u racist! watever u say barry!


  6. panapanahon lang talaga. bumaha ng luha sa ESPANYA! UST will always be the best, for me -for the the whole Thomasian community, atleast. :)i commend all the winning schools , sincerely. See you next year! haha

    *anyhoo this cheering mania just pushed the limits of both UST and UP worshipers. this is even scarier than the DLSU-ATENEO rivalry in basketball. hahaha UP watch out! hahaha peace 🙂 nice entry except for the mocking words u threw against my beloved UST , -starting with the entry title!! haha

    GO USTE!

  7. YAHOO! congrats! at least, a top 3 finish is not bad, not bad at all.

    natawa naman ako dun sa banner na bitbit ng classmate mo, “No IQ, No entry”. nice!

    our department also won the championship trophy (Bicol University Tabaco Campus Intrams 2009) two weeks ago. 🙂

    pero naka-fourth lang school namin (out of 14 different branches of Bicol University all over the region) sa BU Intrams Cheerdance Comp. hmmp. that saddened me 😦 pero ok lang. meron pang next year. hehe.

    visit ka naman sa blog ko barry:) ingat lagi.

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