Ponder Manila

At the Press Room (Pic by Ronin Bautista)

At the Press Room (Pic by Ronin Bautista)

In the midst of environmental and irrigation debacle, it is fated for one to think about troubles like studying for finals, celebrities sprawling on rooftops and the president’s son thwarting the power of Facebook. It is helpful to ponder on one’s existence once in a while, and as long as you’re marooned at home (or in the library) with the laptop monitor on your face doing acads work, it is nice to keep your short breaks worthwhile by pondering.

  • A terrible traffic is now part of my routine, especially when going home. Ever since Ondoy, vehicular incidences haven’t been normal— PUVs either full or choking, and cabs with at least two heads visible inside. The long lines to anticipate can keep my civilized self apart from my body. And the alternative routes can cause a social revolution in a minute.
  • Either people want to be ill-famed or Ondoy makes them ridiculously insane. Whichever it is, why do some people resolve to publicizing their wrecked homes online. And a LOT of pictures to be precise. And their faces to be more than precise. I know sympathy is a rare virtue to invite but should we be most desperate? My friend Cake ranted on Multiply— of all social network sites, dead as the sixth man to have traveled to the moon— that people on Facebook have been exhibiting their volunteer works to have themselves “glorified.” She continued that there’s a line between being a self-selected hero and an altruist. Notwithstanding these creatures, there are still the true nice benevolent volunteers. Again, either or, the teamwork made the relief operations reliable as possible.
At the Araneta (Pic by Jenner Ong)

At the Araneta (Pic by Jenner Ong)

  • I don’t see the point of being “a proud Pinoy” in the middle everything. I don’t like it that we strive for showing to the world that we still remain “smiling” after a remorseful tragedy. I don’t figure out why this is seen as bittersweet and not altogether bitter, and the people who’ve lost lives and properties and hope are obliged to move on really fast and just smile. I don’t support the idea that the government cannot do their job and that they just point out the greatness of the truly selfless volunteers. I don’t understand why “Heal the World” is being played like bananas even if in reality, you cannot just heal the world with being friends with the goons.
With The Jai Reyes (Pic by Ronin Bautista)

With The Jai Reyes (Pic by Ronin Bautista)

  • I am going to miss UAAP Season 72. (Not that it’s the only, underscore only, competition which I’d get free passes in everything but my public relations classmates are also to stay in my memory lane. This season, the UP Fighting Maroons defeat nothing less than the Eagles and the Archers in one basketball match each, and for all I know, it’s going to be in an almanac sometime). Last Thursday, I got to watch the championship and I was on Team Ateneo of course. During the victory bliss, I found myself escorting (technically, transforming myself to a nanny) Jai Reyes to the press room. The whole 100 meters, or less, from the court to the destination required me to flash upon him an as-if-we’re-really-close smile, and refrain-yourself-appearing-in-photos-cos-it’s-difficult-looking-for-you glimpse. Nah, don’t be fooled— Jai’s worthy of being idolized, and he’s really nice.

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  1. Our Araneta photo was taken by Jenner Ong! =)

  2. UAAP??????? di pa ako nakakapanood nyan, dalin mo naman ako jan barry matangkad…

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