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Dream of Caligraduation

UP JMA Publicity and Communications Committee (Pic by Joseph Pascual)

“Time flies so fast,” our helper would always pronounce randomly. It’s how she usually started a conversation. I could hear her cliché on a daily basis, and I could only politely reply, “Of course. I would then thud in my consciousness and see the following word in neon light: THESIS. The word blinks, zaps and flickers more; it’s like one of those flashbacks in soap operas where the actor involuntarily halts his way and stares at the window like a total idiot. THESIS. Bold, italicized, underlined. I then teleport back to reality and swallow the bitterness of that word. ( Read more… )


The Mourning After

Before the UP CMC GradComm Execomm shoot (Pic by Ronin Bautista)The labeled Ampatuan massacre—cos the town is named Ampatuan, and possibly the mastermind is from the Ampatuan clan— hits the front page. We know everyone’s talking about it: In class, in cliquish conversations, in blog posts, in every Facebook status message, in papers and news programs. The news arrives to our doorsteps and just as the romance between a starlet and champion boxer, horrifies us. We all know the details. We are grossed out by the vivid visuals, of not being “civilized” in terms of the murder process (torn underwear, bullet spreads, shallow graves). We later figure out if there’s really a “civilized” way of killing. We’re glad that it does stir and stun a large group of people; the confined and pretentious citizens of this county now have been alarmed that indeed, barbarism happens in the highway. We finally wake them up that this isn’t a single tragedy in history; it joins the thread of casualties in the maddening battlefield of power. ( Read more… )


Sunken Garden at Night, Rona's despedida (Pic by Rona Bungay)

I can’t believe I’m blogging regularly so recently; I mean I haven’t had the focus to pull off my last semester requirements. But since this anecdote is seriously so funny it’ll raise the roof, read closely. Okay so I was in my BC 196 class yesterday and we had this awesome professor who did some sort of psychology-related activity that can project what type of persons we are. ( Read more… )

Tooth and Mouth Disease

Before I squeak about how annoying Noynoy Aquino’s presidential pre-campaign television ad is, I am first going to tell you this funny story about “me” getting seen on television. Okay, so let’s skip my second year college experience where I did some accidental hosting in a RushTV mini-segment. At least five people have confronted me with this question: “Were you the one in Colgate Total?

And so I have to see it myself. In the ad, this yuppie-looking guy lives a regular office day. He gets blocked by a dentist (we know he’s a dentist because he’s in his immaculate lab gown) with a bacteria-monitoring device, who then confirms that an ecosystem of germs is residing in his mouth. The guy then confesses that his teeth are perfect for brushing regularly as possible. But no, the dentist says, Colgate Total makes sure his entire mouth is free of microorganisms. The next day, he visits the dentist comfortably on the street and proves that his teeth are all-clean. ( Read more… )