Since You’ve Been Glee

GleekosThe good thing about television is that you know it’s not real and will never be, but eventually— to quench your state of nihilism, knowing that life in this world is nothing more than painful and insufferable, and that whenever you look for help to heal your existential dilemmas, you can never find somebody who’s willing to even show concern for you— you would want it so hard that you’re expecting everyday life’s like the small screen. That maybe the reason why the medium TV is deemed more powerful than the others; the visuals and the audio plus all the hot actors and actresses getting it on make you strive to be more than an American Idol auditionee (or in our case, Pinoy Pop Superstar, or Startstruck?). Of course, Glee wouldn’t be an exception, a new TV series for the hams and all performing jerks, who acquire no stage fright at all, in the world.

My friend Nick introduced Fox’s Glee to me when I slept at his pad last Friday night. And guess what: I was instantly hooked. The story’s about a high school teacher named Will who taught Spanish, and that was how interesting his life was. Period. But not until he volunteered as a replacement as the school’s glee club moderator. He had to recruit students who share a passion for the stage. The recruits are in no way similar and friendly to each other; they clash most of the time, especially against petite, bratty, self-obsessed Rachel. I can’t tell the rest of the series but trust me, if you’re into “musicals” but fear shticks of people who randomly burst into merry numbers, you have to watch Glee!

Aside from the best part that it’s not Bollywood-like, the characters are seriously both hilarious and quaint. My favorites have to be Sue Sylvester the austere cheerleading coach, Mercedes the can-be-Beyoncé-proxy girl, Kurt the stylish “Gay Kid” and Will’s deranged wife (who appeared in Heroes as the fierce bio-mom of Claire). Kristin Chenoweth even starred (well, sort of) here!

William McKinley High School Glee ClubOf course, it’s a sad fact that I frustrate myself to becoming a performer (dancing, not included); I love doing skits and plays just for the sake of it. Sure, I’ve joined some singing and acting stints and whatever, but here I am, swooning to the non-High-School-Musical gimmicks of kids who know how to rock.



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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. haha.// you’re hooked too? same here.

  2. ako hindi pa.

    maganda ba to pareng poot?panoorin ko muna yung preview ha

  3. haven’t seen any episodes yet. some of my friends are gleek, too. i can always be one but i have better things to do. LOL

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