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Guide to Becoming Better, Not Bitter

Ever since I escaped the normal traditions of making noise with the neighborhood, lighting up perilous pyrotechnics and jumping to achieve a gorgeous height (now you know why I’m tall), I somehow didn’t appreciate New Year’s eve anymore. Technically, it’s just scrapping out your former calendar and hanging a new one. It’s the time where people would ingest gallons of caffeine for that savvy Starbucks organizer, and the industry of lucky charms would parade to our doorsteps. Yes, it’s a mania but again I don’t think these rituals are practical. Wearing polka dots and lots of red is insane and profit-oriented strategies are wallet-shrinking. New Year is supposed to be looking back and assessing yourself. Have you become better? Worse? Those are the real questions. ( >>> )

You can tell Jesus that Barry is Back

Nope, not blasphemy. It’s just me blogging once again.

Not Drunk. With Lour and KJ at the UP JMA Xmas Party (Pic by Dannah Tan)

How long has it been? A month-long hiatus is unforgivable perhaps, but anyway here I am: Restoring back my stats, showing people that I still exist (that may be unfortunate to some), and most of all, etching my last memories of 2009. I love this blog; I owe this passion to you my readers a lot. I can only leave this blog if I had a permanent writer’s block. Which is impossible for me since my mind (and mouth) CANNOT shut up. I always need something to store my absurdities and occasional relevance, and IDIOTBOX has been that enclave for more than three years now. ( Read more… )

A Non-Plastic Christmas

Ice Cream Holiday, before the Lantern Parade (Pic by Nigel Cornel)

I’m sorry for having NOT updated this blog. Blame Facebook. Yep, I am still aware that I have to keep some publicity but things just bugged me down lately to the point that I was depressed to jubilant! HAHA Sorry I know you guys have been left out but promise, someday I’ll spice IDIOTBOX once again.

And so, like one of my favorite authors said ( … )