You can tell Jesus that Barry is Back

Nope, not blasphemy. It’s just me blogging once again.

Not Drunk. With Lour and KJ at the UP JMA Xmas Party (Pic by Dannah Tan)

How long has it been? A month-long hiatus is unforgivable perhaps, but anyway here I am: Restoring back my stats, showing people that I still exist (that may be unfortunate to some), and most of all, etching my last memories of 2009. I love this blog; I owe this passion to you my readers a lot. I can only leave this blog if I had a permanent writer’s block. Which is impossible for me since my mind (and mouth) CANNOT shut up. I always need something to store my absurdities and occasional relevance, and IDIOTBOX has been that enclave for more than three years now.

What have kept me busy, you say? Hmm. Let’s enumerate.


Seriously, have I had no social life outside cyberspace? Nah, Facebook itself is a social life. My case is not necessarily exceptional for I know a lot of my offline friends who are literally IN the site. They find it infectious, obsessing and indispensable. They log in more than brushing their teeth! Honestly, I like how Facebook carries a non-jologs ethos. For me, it’s relatively credible and tenaciously neat. And if you really aim for “networking,” this has got to be the site for you!

I’m just oblivious that some people actually transformed Facebook into Twitter. Their status messages come so swift they could as well be online journalists. Speaking of the site, I’m quite getting addicted to tweeting. I don’t know, it just makes me feel like a star. Lol.


Zen Garden

Zen Garden

I could not take thesis to take over my drowsiness but Plants VS Zombies does! What’s wrong with me, people?


I try a lot to not puke every time I pronounce this word. A week before Christmas break, I was injuriously depressed because I was stagnant in my thesis. I had no scheduled interviews, Garage was too busy to reply promptly and my library ass could only last for five minutes and I would schmooze ardently my friends. Hence zero output!

But came the week after, my head was screaming GOOD VIBES! GOOD VIBES! Can you visualize how I managed to interview three popular culture experts AND Garage’s editor-in-chief in less than a week?! Sanctimonious, yeah, but I’m just so so happy I pulled it off.

The only difficult part is the transcribing and textual analysis, which I shall accomplish before the start of classes. AND I HAVEN’T STARTED ANYTHING! Duh, good vibes are just temporary.


No, I’m not a celebrity (well at least not yet, HAHA) but as part of organizations photo shoots are almost compulsory. Yearbook committee shoot + UP JMA Team Media shoot + JMA Chairs shoot + Cover story shoot = Done! Again, I did all of them in one week. I must write multi0tasking in my resumé.


And because I’m three months before finally graduating, I ought to enjoy every student moment I have. Thursday— two weeks ago— was one of the most thrilling days of my life. Our BC 196 professor assembled us at Bacolod Chicken Inasal, QC Circle, for a free sumptuous order-what-you-can Christmas treat! And the only thing we cold remember is how we sweated it all out the activity that came next.

Rappelling Mania (Pics by Ayla Ellis, Juuya Reyes and Kezh Chaves)

We rappelled in the same park again for free. I am generally not acrophobic (since I did wall climbing before) only that rappelling is more stress-relieving and pleasurable. Say orgasmic! Lol. Let the pictures tell you I enjoyed it.

I also attended my last Lantern Parade, as a resident UP student, with my blockmates last last Friday. Arguably the best one I had (Note: we didn’t have one in my freshman year), cos last year I was on my toes for parading with my FA28 classmates in a kiddo costume.


Isn’t it the season to forget about waistlines? After the Lantern parade, I went with my UP MCO orgmates in UP TechnoHub and spent some wee hours with them. The night scrolled from Pizza Hut to Ral’s to Figaro to Timezone to humungous eye bags.

Lantern Parade (Pics by Ela Teodosio)

PS I got a wayfarer as an exchange gift.

Not to undermine was the ever-wild Christmas party of UP JMA. I drank a lot but of course, nothing ever gets me REAL drunk. I can be tipsy and shaggy but I can still control myself UNLIKE my orgmate Marga who I caught falling in the stairs! Lol! I would then want to congratulate my friend KJ for a wonderful free-flowing alcohol party!

MCO and JMA Christmas Parties (Pics by Nigel Cornel, Jean Agor and Dannah Tan)

I know I miss blogging but anyhow, I hope I can still blog back after 2010 welcomes me. The year 2009 for me was the most fun-filled year ever, and these days I just discovered something about myself.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Facebook has stolen the time of the people, aw. Thesis, i remember my college years. T’was lotsa busy days because of the thesis and the fact that i am a graduating student.. but don’t be swayed by the pressure! Keep going!

    Merry Christmas, Barry!

    Whenever I see boys and girls selling lanterns on the street.. I remember the girl, but I don’t remember the feeling anymore. WTF! Hehe.

  2. wow paborito ko plants versus zombies.
    kita naman sa mais part 3 ko. hahaha

    merry xmas!!

    Oi si ax nand2 riN!


  3. great.. malapit ka na palang mag grad… medyo na cucurious ako jan sa game na plant vs zombies ah… hehe… try ko nga baka magustuhan ko…

    happy new year!!

  4. Thesis FTW! At ikaw na ang party boy! :))

  5. How i miss you so much barry.

  6. wahahahaha! plant vs zombies nakakaadik! sobra!
    at masaya ang facebook kung talaga namang halos lahat ng andun eh kakilala mo!

  7. maraming pamilya ang nasira dahil sa facebook…

  8. Wow naman put naman a nicer pic of me!!BV hahaha. But I like the sprint logo exposure! HAHA

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