Monthly Archives: January 2010

Everything as Long as It’s Free

So my friend Cake posted a video in Facebook (yes you can practically post anything– except porn) which really was hilarious to death. Lady Gaga‘s sensational Bad Romance has really got into our spine and this time (I can hear you humming Rah rah rah ah ah…), some seriously appropriate spoof video is trying to, well, go gaga. It has been my LSS for the whole past month. I mean who else would hesitate to undergo Gagaism cult??? ( Read more… )

The Green Light

So whoever thought one of my serious crushes Blake Lively would be typecast as the dumb, seasonally bad girl heiress Serena Van der Woodsen (of Gossip Girl), you just need to swallow yourself now. NOOOOW! Yes my friends, Blake is going damsel-in-distress this time as Carol Ferris, apple of the eye of Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern.

Aside from her hilarious-cum-stupid stint in Saturday Night Live, here she is again proving how versatile she could go. If Blake was an actress in the Philippines, she could’ve gone wearing scanty attires and appearing in no less than three racy men’s magazines if you know what I mean. And astonishingly, who else might be Green Lantern but, oh noes not again, Ryan Reynolds?!! I thought he was doing Deadpool. ( + )

The Lost Boy

[Twas originally posted last Thursday night in my Facebook notes. Perhaps, the most traumatizing event in my campus life.] So how bitter can I be with thesis? During the holidays, I spent one-fourths of it eating, sleeping and drinking. And the rest on plain worrying about thesis. I seemed to have alloted a lot of time developing teen wrinkles. I couldn’t help it, our deadline for the first draft attempted to start the year with its own… and with fireworks. ( + )