The Lost Boy

[Twas originally posted last Thursday night in my Facebook notes. Perhaps, the most traumatizing event in my campus life.] So how bitter can I be with thesis? During the holidays, I spent one-fourths of it eating, sleeping and drinking. And the rest on plain worrying about thesis. I seemed to have alloted a lot of time developing teen wrinkles. I couldn’t help it, our deadline for the first draft attempted to start the year with its own… and with fireworks.

And so I came back to reality, January fifth as the judgment day was SCARY by itself. I tried collaborating with my J200 classmates to ask our adviser for a deadline extension. We altogether agreed.

I texted Ma’am.

She replied, Okay Thursday 1PM.

Thursday 1AM came. I was still transcribing when migraine and frustrated nausea hit me; I already hit some coffee and Nissin cup noodles but nothing worked. My system was in a low. I then helped myself and had a nap for one hour. One hour, I promised.

2:30 I dozed off. I woke up at five.

And so, I had the best energy I ever had since I was in grade three and my classmate was having KitKat for raffle (we jumped so high I slipped and broke my chin on the floor).

I typed and typed and for the most part, enjoyed it. I tried to ignore Facebook and just posted crappy status messages. I was done by 12:30. And 1PM was the deadline!

I rushed to the bathroom, and sprinkled myself some water. I felt like a slave.

I then came back to my computer and saved the damn file in my USB. I was supposed to print it in SC. Rush! Rush! Saved? I guess, turn Tope off NOW! (Tope is my laptop’s name).

I snaked out of the village and managed to hail a cab in three minutes of waiting. I was in Shopping Center at 1245 and got a PC unit to check if my files were there. I opened the file.

Checking… checking… Hey, why is my methodology still in future tense? And where the hell is my Results and Discussions chapter?? OF COURSE! I FORGOT TO REPLACE THE FILE. THIS WAS STILL MY THESIS PROPOSAL, and my real file was at Tope’s!

I tried to reach my adviser through phone but the opearator said it was incommunicado or something. I also tried calling Nicai to ask her if Ma’am’s already in CMC. Both was incommunicado.

I zoomed to the forlorn college, looking about to implode and losing my ounces of temper. Who was to blame? Myself of course.

I asked the department secretary where Ma’am was. She said she was either at lunch or at class. I immediately thought she was in Iana and headed there.

Of course, she was found. I deliberately asked sorry. And she was puzzled. I told her my story.

How stupid, she must be then thinking.

But relentlessly, she was feeling okay and told me graciously that I can submit later. Whatever later meant. I’ll go home again and return here with a printed draft, I proposed. Four o’clock, she said with a beam.

I came back in the afternoon and submitted my crappy, good-for-nothing printer-fresh draft. So long…




This is like having a threesome with friends, not strangers.

And as much regret as I am feeling right now, I will never turn to cramming again. I will change, promise. I will change. No more distractions, please.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. ayos ah!! may name ang laptpop.. ahahah

    kaw kasi last minute. sakit nating mga estudyante.. (ako dati)

    at si facebook.

    magsaulian na kayo ng kandila ni facebook. haha

  2. umiiha ba yung nasa photo? 😀

  3. you know where promises often lead. 🙂

  4. Good thing your professor was understanding. Lahat naman e pinagdaanan na ito. Tnt. Cramming for most of us is one of the worst yet memorable experience because it always teaches us a lesson that we will surely remember for the rest of our life.

  5. Nextime you do that, you are dead.

  6. and the photo? hilarious. LOL

  7. yer totally lost! nah, just kidding. you and i have our share of cruel thesis experience. the cramming, the malfunctioning saving devices.. and the professor. you’re lucky yours is nicer.

    it’s okay to cram.. because you tend to be in your most artistic aura.. at least for me, it works.

  8. Thesis and professors are really like that. But you’ll make it through. 🙂

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