Monthly Archives: February 2010


There’s something I figured shameful about myself lately: I think I’ve become so emotionally frail.

For the past days, I’ve experienced sad, awkward, jealous, disappointing and confusing moments and above these, I was in the front illusion of being “strong.” At least I thought I WAS strong but I guess it was just classic projection. I try to sport a beam or a smirk to make people believe that I’m actually the exact opposite. Some people themselves actually admire me for being a happily carefree person labeling me as “people-oriented” who work well with most part of crowds. I do believe I do have enough people skills. That’s one best trait of me, I suppose, because these people do not know HOW I deal with my problems. ( Read more… )


It’s All Coming Back

Pub LAKAS! (Pic by Myself)

And so I actually returned. Funny how I can still blog after all the stress pounding on my face lately. I must admit, 2010 opened with a blast. I’ve been really squeezing myself to fit in all appointments (academic, extra-curricular and social). Being busy has made me be oblivious of how fat time flies (Read: graduation in two months!). And so before you start flogging me with my emo-ness, I’ve prepared a pictoblog for you, guys. Enjoy! ( Read more… )

Free and Fleeting

After today, I’ve finally learned what I will be in the very near future. Actually, it started a bit scripted. I was supposed to go to CMC and perform thesis-related errands but only managed to borrow a helpful book. I ended up having lunch with my good friend Nigel at TechnoHub laughing about a certain strange college candidate and schmoozing about our dream escapades. I then came back to UP only to cross paths with MCO orgmate Jerson who grabbed me to a technical rehearsal of a DUP play he is in. I indeed went and watched. I later chatted him up about our other orgmates  Jau and Ana Tan passing the renowned LAE… and that’s it, I’ve learned IT.

( So you think I’m going to Law school now, huh? Are you my dad? )

This is what I call ENTERTAINMENT

Presidential Candidates for 2010 (Pic by Ronin Bautista)

I managed to magnet some helpful tickets for today’s First Edition Presidential Debate by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Yes, they came to me and not vice versa. Lol. Having the venue at the UP Theatre, I was eerily excited to see the “presidentiables” for this coming national elections and I thought this was certainly a lucky chance for the rest of the UP population. Came this morning, from a hotel here in Pasay, I rushed to my school to witness the event. And to plunk an understatement, I really had FUN.  ( Read more… )