This is what I call ENTERTAINMENT

Presidential Candidates for 2010 (Pic by Ronin Bautista)

I managed to magnet some helpful tickets for today’s First Edition Presidential Debate by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Yes, they came to me and not vice versa. Lol. Having the venue at the UP Theatre, I was eerily excited to see the “presidentiables” for this coming national elections and I thought this was certainly a lucky chance for the rest of the UP population. Came this morning, from a hotel here in Pasay, I rushed to my school to witness the event. And to plunk an understatement, I really had FUN. 

I arrived at the venue and was welcomed by a hybrid crowd of Wowowee-like politician devotees. Devotees should be their label: Imagine some Gordon-Bayani supporters doing some morning-exercise-ish version of I Gotta Feeling by BEP. Just. Imagine. That.

The debate took three rounds, three respective panels, and nearly two hours and gazillion hoots, jeers and (occasional) applauds. Of course here are my favorite lines of the night. Caution yourself for the animosity and the entertainment- even without Erap’s presence- the following will bring…

Teodoro, Gibo

1. On RH Bill – The government should respect personal moral choice.

2. On indigenous communities -The local community above all for sustainable extraction activities.

3. On choosing whose ass to save with only three choices: GM, Danding Cojuangco, mother-in-law de Leon – He’ll pick the last an “the rest are good equal.”

Madrigal, Jamby

1. On campaigning – She agrees that spending “30 million” to get actors and children as endorsers, acknowledges herself applying the same gimmick some time ago and humbly admits, “I have seen the folly of my ways… But I don’t believe that we should perpetuate lies.”

2. On her foreign husband being the first gentlemen if ever – “I will cut his head, his tongue… if he becomes like the present FG.”

3. On having something to say “good” about Manny Villar – “Maganda po siyang magtina ng buhok.”

4. On guessing the price of galunggong and red egg -“I wouldn’t know, I’m a VEGETARIAN.” (I died! WAHAHAHA)

Gordon, Dick

1. On overcoming the comparisons of Subic and a large-scale Philippines – Ang kalaban natin sa tomorrow ay ng ating duda.”

2. On the meaning of rebellion – He retains the same meaning but would rather focus on NOT hiding the killings and protecting people.

3. On Erap running (and Villar as well) – “Nasa tao na yan. Ang values na natin ganun? [K]ung ang leader nyo di haharap sa accountability, dapat hindi iboto ‘yung taong yan!”

Aquino, Noynoy

1. On advising th young about their sexual and romantic relationships – Age-appropriate dialogues.

I actually enjoyed the debate a lot, especially with my friend Nick and speech classmate Eileen who both swooned for Teodoro. I was totally surprised by how Jamby worked her “ImABitchinDISGUISE” guise and nailed the boring floor who was ditched by Erap.

And my personal conclusions?

Isn't this very PLASTIC (Pic by Ronin Bautista)

Villar was the anti-hero martyr of the day. Delos Reyes should practice avoiding hand gestures and project some character. Teodoro should sway away drastically from the administration image if he wanted to win. Vilanueva should stop reiterating “moral governance.” Gordon should stay that way and I will vote for him eventually. Jamby should learn how to deliver stand-up comedy and she’s good. 🙂


As of this moment, who are you going to VOTE for?

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  1. The rest are EQUAL not GOOD

  2. Now, if Gordon said iPad instead of Kindle…

  3. I am on Gibo or Gordon.. any of the two, and i won’t go living in America. lol.

  4. i want gibo talaga! nakikita ko ang potensyal niya.. yun nga lang kasi nasa adminitration siya eh…
    alam mo naman…

    hakhak! bat wala si erap! pwede silang maglaban ni jamby sa stand-up comedy! hakhak!

  5. Right now, I’m more inclined to vote for Gordon. From the way he answers questions, it seems like he’s the most competent among the pool of presidentiables.

    Jamby could join Erap in delivering stand-up comedy. As usual, the Philippine politics is a good source of entertainment.

    • Right, I hope people will become more enlightened with the distinction between popularity and leadership + credibility.

      Were you there at the debate? I watched it live 🙂

  6. Politicians are indeed effective entertainers in a major way. LOL

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