It’s All Coming Back

Pub LAKAS! (Pic by Myself)

And so I actually returned. Funny how I can still blog after all the stress pounding on my face lately. I must admit, 2010 opened with a blast. I’ve been really squeezing myself to fit in all appointments (academic, extra-curricular and social). Being busy has made me be oblivious of how fat time flies (Read: graduation in two months!). And so before you start flogging me with my emo-ness, I’ve prepared a pictoblog for you, guys. Enjoy!

Stress + Bo’s Coffee = LUMINE! (Pics by Myself)

LUMINE : Future Perfect. 3rd Week of January.

Being the head of UP JMA’s Team Media, one of our major projects is to produce the bi-semester official publication of the organization, the Lumine. Honestly, it mauled a huge chunk of my time such that my associate editor Miccah, Emma and I had to almost stay at Bo’s Katipunan thrice in a week- whole friggin day!- just to finish the thing. And oh, after actually seeing it being published last month, I imagined myself like an actual dad gazing at his first-born in the nursery section. It was so idyllic, that’s all I can say. And so if you haven’t actually viewed it, here’s the link. Read up!

How inappropriately elitist could this be? (Pics by Myself)

MARRIOTT : Livin’ the Life. 1st Week of February.

Because of being “family-oriented,” I had to live two days of pure bourgeoisie existence at Marriott Hotel, Pasay. That was when two of my aunts plus one of who’s American husband and my father, all from Seattle, WA, were in the country. I had to flay my jologs self alive and stay in the hotel for two nights. It was a cool obligation actually: Feeling like a king for a moment. The only thing I couldn’t take, ironically, was the exaggerated, superfluous five-star service. At one time, I accidentally dropped a book of mine and some guy in uniform swiftly picked it out for me. No, he wasn’t gay. He was just being TOO helpful. Also, take this, the LAN Internet for 24 hours was worth Php790! God, I died. With enough boredom in the place, I would like to thank Kevin for chatting up on me for one whole night! Bloggers unite!

Debate Kuno (Pics by Myself)

PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE : An Actual Debate? 2nd Monday of February.

Still, I cannot seem to let go the bizarre Inquirer Debate two weeks ago. (My blockmate Amae labeled it as “nagpapanggap na debate.”) It became so hot a topic even on Twitter (FOLLOW ME!), and in school such that I was inspired to turn vegetarian. I kid, excuse me, Jamby Madrigal.

UP JMA ScavHunt! (Pics by Myself)

COMMWARS : Wild Wild Wet. 2nd Week of February.

To celebrate UP JMA’s anniversary week, the committees had to battle each other with all means necessary. I, coming from Publicity, had to work my competitive ass with this one. Not entirely though, I had to defer from an odd poll-contest called Mr. and Ms. JMA. The most thrilling one I joined was of course the ScavHunt which required us to go wild at every nanosecond of the day. The most gross I had done for that day was to contain some swimming pool water in my mouth and spit it out through a straw in a bottle, with Malco, until it was completely filled. We had to gargle thoroughly right after!

Hot Off the Girll 2010: CMC Miting de Avance (Pic by Jean Agor)

HOT OFF THE GRILL: Hotter than ever. Last Thursday.

I may have turned down a ticket last year but that didn’t mean I was apathetic on CMC politics. In fact, I’ve learned to fall in love with it, witnessing the worst from the candidates. Don’t get me wrong now; UP MCO’s Hot Off the Grill was just sensational like that. This year, for the first time, I am missing a break to blog again about the mudslinging like what I did the past two years. Apart from this, I still have to say something about the course of it: I want a stern, sensitive, involved College of Mass Communication. Again, have you ever heard of Wright’s SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION?! Biography equals history. Private trouble equals Public issue. Think of the bigger context; this isn’t high school. That means I will never buy the “student-centered” idea.


PS Sorry to my friends who actually believe the opposite of my principles. Personally, we may be the best of friends but politically, we’re enemies. I hope that doesn’t affect anything at a large scale.


I can’t believe I’ve actually seen myself in a fashion/events blog. And the worst is, I looked fugly! Lol


And so…

On February27, experience the BIGGEST college party.
Live in the moment as The UP Junior Marketing Association presents

AD HOC: Eternity in an Hour.

February 27 at the World Trade Centre.

Witness a spectacularlights show, the best hiphop beats by DJ Gilette, MC Paolo, and HenzelMondez and free flowing drinks all night long. Be a part of our 360 degree photography simulation.

Surprises await you! Tickets at 250php, available in all Ticketnet outlets . For inquiries, contact 0906.494.8961.

UP JMA Ad Hoc. This is how you throw a party.


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  1. must be really happy to have finished it..”Lumine,” sounds like the name I used to propose when we were just starting with our college publication, “Luminarium” naman..’di man natanggap yung name eh ang sarap din nung feeling seeing the paper done and the way ang ganda din ng…sana magkaroon ng pdf version na pwede namin makita sa net.. ^_^

  2. Good thing you can handle that much pressure. If I were in your situation, I’d pass out. Lol. Good luck with graduation and stuff. And nice job with Lumine. :))


    Good job with Lumine! I’m proud! The legacy must continue hahaha


  4. stand alone ang mga subarticle na nandito ah.

    the presidentiables’ debate sort of circus.. because the clown just died.

  5. wow. you must be an advocate of something. let’s see. i wanna know the result of the pres debate. 🙂

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