Monthly Archives: March 2010

Stop Right Now

One Tiring Day (Pic by Ronin Bautista)

I am writing this blog entry longhand. I think it’s interesting to sway back from Tope (my laptop after sleeping with him for God-knows-how-often) for a while. I remember a Jessica Zafra post claiming that a handwritten piece of a writer is a literal extension of himself, such that you can read his personality from the way he curves or slurs or crosses out words and sentences or inserts that omission mark. I believe though that this has been originaly what I wanted to do: Bowing my head, listening to my thoughts, jotting down with G-Tec, and clearly escaping from everything. ( Read more… )


Bluer than Deep Blue

Today I felt utter rejection. And no amount of banana fruit shake from Mister Kabab can make it possibly better. Long story but the bottom line is that I found out that I am still on the brink of NOT graduating. My thesis adviser affirmed of it. There’s still a chance that I’ll get myself delayed with the horrors of thesis. My mom called a while ago to ask when will I have my gradauation barong sewn. I just madly answered, “I’m in the middle of finals. That barong won’t rush.” And so…

I really want to escape. To be wild. To be free once more. My last semester in college has been a theme park and I hope it will be really my last in the first place. I can’t afford to not graduate. Not now, please, not now. I’m not trying to be an attention magnet here but I really need support. Especially yours.

Across the Alternate Universe

Oh for once, I actually update my blog! I know I’ve kept yammering on apologies and promises of regular posting but I can’t seem to nail them. Blame my new routine: waking up at nine, going home at seven/eight, sleeping until midnight, waking up until about four/five, napping again and waking up… I feel like an android, and a pathetic one at that. I feel unhealthy. Stab me! ( + )

To See the World in a Grain of Sand

With CMC boys Jacques, Karol and Nigel (Pic by Sean Tiu)The general rule in writing about events has always been “Record everything that your memory best serves you.”

But as of Saturday night, UP JMA Adhoc: Eternity in an Hour seemed to have left me so intoxicated that I barely remembered anything. Held at the World Trade Centre, the event that takes place every semester and has been forever anticipated, virtually warped time and made me and everyone else wish that the party could’ve lasted, yes, forever.

At a wholesome Saturday evening, I arrived at the place with JJ and Soo-young and initially bonded with my orgmates before we all get pretty foolish and whatever comes with it. At nine, I helped man the ticket booth plainly welcoming people and telling them to enjoy the night like what I did last year. ( >>> )