To See the World in a Grain of Sand

With CMC boys Jacques, Karol and Nigel (Pic by Sean Tiu)The general rule in writing about events has always been “Record everything that your memory best serves you.”

But as of Saturday night, UP JMA Adhoc: Eternity in an Hour seemed to have left me so intoxicated that I barely remembered anything. Held at the World Trade Centre, the event that takes place every semester and has been forever anticipated, virtually warped time and made me and everyone else wish that the party could’ve lasted, yes, forever.

At a wholesome Saturday evening, I arrived at the place with JJ and Soo-young and initially bonded with my orgmates before we all get pretty foolish and whatever comes with it. At nine, I helped man the ticket booth plainly welcoming people and telling them to enjoy the night like what I did last year.

And just about eleven, when flair performers, ledge dancers and chillax music entered the scene, I already transformed me tipsy. I was transferring and grooving from clique to clique, including forever-party-buddies Stef and Nick, and the CMC crowd composed of Bia, Nigel, B-an, Jacques, Claire, and Karol Yee to name a few.

The Hell I Remembered (Pics by Sean Tiu)

As the midnight transgressed, everyone else went zany until the wildest of details materialized. Not to mention, I was apparently the most smashed child in the gang such that people were already freakishly teasing me to make out with God-knows-who.

To See the World in a Grain of Sand (Pics by Joseph Pascual, Bia Catbagan and Malco Bernabe)

Sad to blog but aside from the stool dancing, bottomed-up alcohol, and crazy music by DJ Gillette and DJ Henzel, I wish I could elaborate more. Of course, you didn’t just assume I remembered nothing, did you? Cos I’m telling you, the Adhoc EFFECt is still in my veins. The experience, some personally done for first time, is never gonna leave my senses. The love is here: In the Biggest Ever College Party in the Metro.

PS Congratulations to my friends, the UP JMA Ad Hoc Team chairs Lour Miller and Katie Li! I will always love you both for this!

PPS More pictures here.


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  1. I also love parties.. ^_^ the intoxicating drinks, endless chat with friends, dance, and it’s the only time that I can be truly free of inhibitions..

  2. everyone else went zany until the wildest of details materialized –> I have to agree with this! hahahaha!! :)) good job, PC! :))

  3. this looked really fun. 🙂

  4. it looked really fun . partys are great 😀

  5. fun. fun. fun.
    now im missing my college days.

  6. partee!

    enjoy college!

  7. parteh.. yeah ryt.. i love em.. :3

  8. Love the jacket! :p And is that a houndstooth shirt? Awesome. :p

    Looks like you rocked it out!

  9. “people were already freakishly teasing me to make out with God-knows-who.” – wahaha. natawa ako.

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