Monthly Archives: April 2010

Shredding Abstracts

The Start of a Colorful Revolution (Pic by Party Shaker)

Two days after the graduation ceremony, we in the UP College of Mass Communication threw a night that would’ve started a “colorful revolution.” Held in Prestige Tower Roof Deck, more or less 50 recent alumni, pseudo-alumni and aspiring alumni (Hello, B-an!) made a fool of themselves making it one of the most fun and funny nights I ever had. ( Read more… )

Oh My Grad!

Thanks for the applause and cheer guys, I didn’t expect that. Barry Cyrus Reintegrado Viloria. 2006-70277. Alumnus, bitch. Pic by Nigel Cornel.

Star Without Glitter

Justin Bieber from Examiner.comHow easy is it to become FAMOUS these days? For starters, you just have to post incredibly edited pictures of yourself on some overrated social network site. For intermediates, you can lift the bar of effort and make sure every cubic volume of your looks, talent and personality is rubbed on the face of your stalkers or accidental visitors. Bow that would be unfortunate for the latter.

I met Justin Bieber– a 16-year old Canadian singer- via Twitter. He was a serious trend which electrified me to start researching about him. I found out he was a discovery of some executive in, yes, YouTube. ( Read more… )

Predatorial Candidates

Stitched "love" for the country (Illustration by Me)I’ve grown insane over the omnipresence of our presidential candidates already that I resolved not to talk about them at all. Looked like every one of them has gone complete asses just to become the next ruler of this beautiful country. Especially for Estrada who declared that after he was “illegally removed” from office in 2001 the Philippines’ economy went downhill, I now rest my case. To be fair, I know exactly no one who has the gut to vote for him.

As of now, I  just have to botch myself inexorably and now focus on more interesting individuals: The senatorial candidates. ( Read more… )