Shredding Abstracts

The Start of a Colorful Revolution (Pic by Party Shaker)

Two days after the graduation ceremony, we in the UP College of Mass Communication threw a night that would’ve started a “colorful revolution.” Held in Prestige Tower Roof Deck, more or less 50 recent alumni, pseudo-alumni and aspiring alumni (Hello, B-an!) made a fool of themselves making it one of the most fun and funny nights I ever had.

Shred Abstracts (Pics by CMC Gradcom and Party Shaker)

Named Antithesis: UP CMC Graduation Party, we in Team Grad Party saw to it that night was to end all of IT at once. We “shredded” memories of thesis, wrote in neon markers our respective angst on thesis and basically grooved to damn thesis altogether!

Shatter Standara Reviews of Musical Literature (Pic by CMC Gradcom)

Highlights of the night included me the first to get drunk, the alpha symbol of Antithesis sprayed on, drunk hosts Sarah and Mandi (ehem ehem ehem), unlimited photo booth prints c/o Happy Snapper and to-die-for booze from Party Shaker! And of course, the party wouldn’t be possible without “great” help from Joon Salon, Studio Digital Arts and… Aaron Bola. Lol.

Shame Yourself in Non-concluding Drinks (Pics by Party Shaker and CMC Gradcom)

Honestly, the rest of the night was indescribable. CMC people bonded and got to know each other even just at once, for the first and last time. Everyone was blissful of the night and even if I don’t exactly remember a lot, cheers to the awesome batch of 2010!

Who's Your Plus-one? (Pic by CMC Gradcom)

More crazy pictures HERE, HERE and HERE.

Congrats Chino Testado!


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  1. How dare you! Aspiring alumni my ass, Bendita! Hahahaha! One day I’ll attend a party that is my graduation party. HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. congrats nga pala ulet barry!! yes naman gimikan mode kagad!!

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