Monthly Archives: April 2010

When You (Don’t) Believe

Pic by the Washington PostThe recent tremors in the world including that of China and Chile are no match to our own country’s. With its proximity to the Pacific and to the Philippine plate, people initially nibbled on paranoia as to our geographic vulnerability. But look how our “justice system” -with its pulling-out of the two primary suspects (Zaldy and Akmad) in the Ampatuan murder- just didn’t put the Richter scale to shame, but also created distrust. ( + )

Average is Something Much More

Spending college in UP has been extraordinary. In so many levels, I’ve experienced quite a number of both bizarre and blissful things I could’ve not done ever in any private university. Right now before graduation rites, I’ve been encountering attachment symptoms. I can’t seem to liberate myself from the multi-walled institution I’ve been for four years. It seemed like yesterday, I was just being melodramatic about high school but I figured: My college life IS way better than high school’s. No offense. ( Read more… )

Don’t Stop Sleepin’

With Pub Tanders Ruks and Jean

My sleeping “problems” have worsened. For the past three months, I had unusual scarcity of proper, decent slumber. (I tried putting “straight sleep” until a friend beforehand, commented that the label was too gender- predisposed.) And now for the past three days, I just have to lean on something/someone, or slide self on a couch and the Z’s come off any time of the day. I’ve been sleeping for more than what is normal that I believe I’m possibly narcoleptic. I feel drowsy when I’m not my perky self, and the thing is it comes to me as gratuitous. ( Read more… )

The Cabbie in the Rye

Eyes on the Prize (Pic by Enzo Araullo)Serendipity, I believe, happens not only in romantic gimmicks. It can also promulgate itself in the times we feel unusually dejected, when we think the universe is devising its great plan of havoc upon us. It can come to our sense of oblivion to make sure we wake up and realize something: That we must continue to live life. It exists to make you think and believe that there’s always tomorrow. And it’s way way better than yesterday.

I have never encountered serendipity in a long time. The last time it hit me was when I became second honor in my second quarter period in third grade, after having been hospitalized in less than a month.

And that was it. (