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Short Notice

Future Shorts logoWhat’s especially endearing about the Internet is that, like what Jessica Zafra inferred, the audience and the artist both are directly connected. WITHOUT the big business corporations that are in the middle. We get to comment on their performances/products online and whether they actually read it themselves, we still feel The Connection. A forerunner in this kind of revolution is Future Shorts. The film network carries exceptional shorts internationally (UK, Russia, Germany, Spain, etc.) and you just have to watch the following vids to judge their awesomeness. ( Read more… )

Edit This

I’ve always believed that God gave me this unimpeachable ability to memorize verbatim lines from movies, TV, books and even real-life conversations. These quotes make up my day such that I’ll remember them and can even make dissertations out of them. I can be an organic voice recorder so for starters, you should bear in mind that whatever you say can be “used against you.” No matter how witty (“Circumcision is a rite of passage and a very painful one” – Socio101 professor) or small-minded (“A person’s a person no matter how small” – Horton in Horton) or superficially true (“One thing about virginity is you can never take it back” – Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl) or profound (“Revenge comes in all shapes and sizes” – Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill, I can get them stuck in my head for so long. ( I love quotes more than you, I guess. )

Brooklyn We Go Hard

UP CMC 2010 Graduates (Pic by Roanne Aujero)

From what I can barely extract back from Econ100.1 (under the quotable quote queen Professor Monsod, I got a whopping 2.75 btw- My fault!), I can say that officially I, altogether now 2010 graduates, am now UNemployed. Hard, crisp… UNEMPLOYED. (Note: That’s different from UNDERemployed, which means basically looking for more job/s other than what you already have, which translates to the word called multi-tasking, which also denotes masochism, which presages something I will never do cos I love myself that much.) ( + )


MorganNow that I’m done marathon-ing two seasons of Chuck, inhaling the entire junk food bag (I’m a ‘junkie’), going antisocial in my own graduation “mother’s-amigas-party” pakain, and all other prisoner-like deeds, I should admit that I miss GOING OUT. I never get a call from my high school friends who are already, I think undergoing “reviews” or enrolling again or doing something for their personal good. I think staying here in the province will drive me nuts unless I attract my old friends back and do something fruitful… like Karaoke for example.

Anyway, I’m just glad though that my parents are sincerely allowing me to have to live on my own. In a week or so, I’ll be temporarily residing in a Katipunan apartment with a friend-roommate signalling my detachment from my twisted family. Ahh… The pseudo-independence guise. As of now, I can’t wait to trek with three journ friends to Baguio. This is gonna be wild. Just right to efface these lazy bones. Come with? 🙂