Not Everyone Runs on Batteries


Stark sends sparks to the air with his attitude.

What’s specifically endearing about the tin-molded superhero Iron Man is the Man in it: Tony Stark. He’s brightly narcissistic, engagingly adventurous and astonishingly witty. Iron Man for me was never a great choice in Marvel VS Capcom (I’m talking about ancient Play Station here) but the movie surely made me get at least interested. Add Agent Romanoff (Black Widow?) and boy, I’m good.

Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2 puts the alter ego Stark  (Robert Downey Jr.)  in  a very difficult situation where he himself gets swallowed by his self-love. It’s not my fault there’s no war right now in the States, he claims and the people agree. Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) his beau  and Lt. Col. Rhodes (Don Cheadle) his buddy, don’t seem to take Stark’s current case for granted though.

Tony Stark: I am Iron Man. The suit and I are one.

Interrupted by a mad ginormous physicist (Ivan’s his name, how redundant), a desperate annoying counter-terrorist and a fierce mysterious Scarlett Johansson for a kick-ass secretary, Stark seems to have lost his way and disappears. In the end, with the government wanting his invention for public, he arrogantly proves them that his daddy issues can get him back on track and save the world. Especially if Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) is in it all.

Tony Stark: Look, [Natascha] speaks Yiddish, Arabian, Russian, Latin… Latin? Who speaks Latin?

Pepper Potts: No one speaks Latin. It’s a dead language.

Technically speaking, the special eff ects sved the movie f rom the awful transitions. I personally iked the part where Stark ‘rediscovers’ his father’s way of makng the invention work again. Wit not to mention was the best shot apart from Agent Romanoff eye-fucking us all in the movie house.

Rhodes: Get a roof!

Eye-Fucker Black Widow

Speaking of the movie house, Eastwood’s was always a favorite if it weren’t for the high school children before and behind us. One particularly decibel-sensitive kid shushed me when the screen showed this anti-piracy advisory. Cake got my back when it was their turn to  make noise, “ANG INGAY!” she mercilessly called. One moron too tried to test his comic capabilities when IRON MAN 2 was shown on the screen and he went, “Kala ko Alice in Wonderland ang papanuorin natin.”

Eventually, I, Cake,  Riziel and Chino met up with Alpha and Chui, grabbed some drinks to conclude the iron-ic night.


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  1. Barry! The Marvel vs Capcom character is War Machine (then you get Golden War Machine after beating the crap out of Onslaught). =D

  2. Si Morrigan! Hahaha. Gusto ko tuloy magkaroon ng Marvel vs Capcom tournament.

  3. omg Crash Bandicoot!!! That’s it, I’m gonna look for my old PS unit and have it repaired!

  4. Excited to see this Barry. :p

  5. loved this better than the first installment.

    hehe pero i have to admit that the only reason i watched this was because im a Gwyneth Paltrow fan. 😀

    • Hey Yoshke! Long time no visit haha

      I didn’t know you were her fan. Yeah, Gwyneth was so amusing especially when she was inside the car Whiplash was attacking, no?

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