Brooklyn We Go Hard

UP CMC 2010 Graduates (Pic by Roanne Aujero)

From what I can barely extract back from Econ100.1 (under the quotable quote queen Professor Monsod, I got a whopping 2.75 btw- My fault!), I can say that officially I, altogether now 2010 graduates, am now UNemployed. Hard, crisp… UNEMPLOYED. (Note: That’s different from UNDERemployed, which means basically looking for more job/s other than what you already have, which translates to the word called multi-tasking, which also denotes masochism, which presages something I will never do cos I love myself that much.)

A few lucky batchmates are actually making, ehem, money and most of us could only get envious. I honestly don’t know what to do since I’m even lazier to think about what will lie ahead, causing a friend to remark, “Confusion is so high school.”

Hell of a wallop in the head I know. But seriously, when you get asked if you already have a job or where are you applying or planning to apply, don’t you get that cinematic moment where time stops and the sound waves around you slowly deplete and everything blurs and the following marquee flashes in front of you:

What’s your plan in, waitforit, Life?

It maybe absurd but that exactly happens to me when a conversation swerves to this kind of philosophical existential query. With my pseudo-independence soon, where will I truly find my interests and like and, eek! Cover your ears, love? Will I get married or will I enter priesthood (that was a joke)? Will I get out of the country or stay put and drink all my solitude away? Ask yourself those innocuous aforementioned questions a couple of times then you’ll know what I mean.

But as of now, I’m done getting frustrated. I can’t be what I want to be instantly and no one can too. Unless they’ve had a plan ahead of themselves and they live on Park Avenue, but that too limits what they actually want to do aside from living the 1980s New York yuppie life. Remember the main character from Tom Wolfe’s The Bonfire of the Vanity? He thought he could rule the world without self-destructing. I don’t wanna be like him, see, I just want to be someone who can earn enough money, popularity and friends. Then again, how enough is enough, you ask? I really don’t know as well. Confusion indeed transcended after college. Looking for something that you think you deserve is difficult especially when you realize you’re just a tiny speck in the labor force. (Santogold even supports me with their Shove It’s lyrics, “We on the look for the advantage, we work hard. And if we seem to rub it up a bit, we broke but we rich at heart.”)

Beyond doubt, with my unemployed ass sliding on seats for the unemployed assholes, what I truly want is a career. Not just a job. And if ever, I don’t get a stable job that can sustain my swine-like living, the good thing this situation can only offer is my frequent blog updates. I’m actually thinking about getting a Dot Com.What do you think, guys?

Also, tell me about your plans with life and let’s discuss. 🙂


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. honga pala, graduate ka na. yay, CMC? CSSP ako. lol

    salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko. ang alam ko, si Bugs Bunny me sabi non. lol

  2. congratulations! you are one of the millions of unemployed junkies in the Phils. haha kidding. i suggest initially, look for a job and gain enough experience for you to furnish your resume and eventually get a stable career 🙂

  3. Hey. Thanks for dropping by in my blog.

    Appear tayo diyan XD. Just graduated (or still waiting for their confirmation) and is unemployed myself. Well, technically, I have a McJob but I barely have any shifts and I don’t think anything that involves faking smiles and using everything but your head can be considered a job, and definitely not a career haha.

    Has no definite idea what to do yet, and has considered another option but that’s still hazy. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly for us, and hopefully you do find your ideal job but you won’t be able to find that unless you start from even just a low position, right?

  4. ikaw pala ang leader ng batch kasi ikaw nasa harap eh!

  5. pahinga ka muna at magmuni muni… mapeprepare ng pagpapahinga ang mindset

  6. Good luck, Barry! I think the trick is to learn to love something about your job every day, especially if you got one that isn’t particularly the one you want or are passionate about. 🙂

  7. wow dot com… still don’t know about jobs… ganun pla tlga pagkagraduate.. panu pa kaya sa batch namin.. nyay… good luck kuya…

  8. Good luck on job hunting. Well, about my plans. I don’t really think about employment as of this moment since I’m just starting college. But it haunts me, the context of the suffering state of employment in the country. Heheh. :>

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