Monthly Archives: June 2010

For the Hopeful Romantic

So who thought Taylor Hicks’ charm was to be of disposal huh? Seems like Katharine McPhee‘s sharing a good amount of spotlight photons lately. Oh yeah. Back from her terrible “The Voice Within” Idol rendition, she now goes blonde this early 2010. And crooning with my fave actor Zachary Levi of Chuck, she couldn’t go wrong. So for all fellow hopeful romantics, here goes the song. ( Read more… )


Hipsters Don’t Lie

If it weren’t for Gino de la Paz‘s column in Supreme last Sunday, I would have no option to discern the irony-infested concept of “Hipster.”  I’ve been hearing about hipsters being the vogue of the town for the past decade and I haven’t even been enlightened about the identity behind those porkpie hats and wayfarers yet. So I deliberately decided to  know about them and their culture in the guise of well, self-determinism. Ha, you say! ( Read more… )

Desperately Seeking Superhumans

The Mayans may be completely wrong about the world ending in 2012 for I think the universe is indeed crumbling at this very moment. With my ominous stepping on my KFC meal gravy TWICE last night (hence some moron leaping to the bathroom just to wash a foot), I could very well conclude that the end is near, the end is so near that we humans need to evolve into something more virile. Like, well,  the radioactive-waves-immune cockroaches. ( Read more… )

Pass Me That Handkerchief

So we’ve all awaited 11 years for this and Toy Story 3 only makes me not want to grow up just yet. And I just graduated college! I should’ve known Lee Unkrich was messin’ up with my feelings and anticipating me to burst out into tears like how R. Allers and R. Minkoff did me in the first Lion King. I almost sniveled and I tried so hard to control it. (Sniff!) ( Read more… )