Until You Love Me

I am an amateur at stalking. My optimum ability relies on Facebook’s inescapable live feed such that in seconds, I’d have already known a terabyte of information even from the lives  of the ridiculously un-stalk-able. It was torturous and the only solution leads down to the infamous “Remove from Friends” button.

The other night, I tried employing my Chuck-inspired skillz over my favorite Filipina author Jessica Zafra (She’d beg off to be called such if she’d read this). I looked at her blog and see a post saying that she had left signed Twisted 8 1/2 copies at her optometrist in the UP Shopping Center. And since the life of a bum ain’t a bitch after all, I went there the morning after and anticipated whatever came next. Maybe I would see her, maybe  I won’t. Repeat: I’m an amateur stalker. I need a mentor.

It was my first time to enter the haven of Zafra and her eyeglass funkiness. I pushed the glass door and it didn’t budge at all. It appeared locked. I scanned the sign and it said, Knock first. Did they know that I am a stalker? Hmm. Plus points for me. And so I did knock. A woman in her 40s clutched the door for me from the inside.

“Do you have Jessica Zafra’s Twisted books?” I politely asked.

“Yes we do.”

“I’ll buy two,” I said, the other one’s for a CMC friend who asked for an order straight from Davao via Twitter.

The woman brought out the two little books and while she was waiting for my turn to pay, I chose to look for the picture I saw in  her blog. That picture in her blog. I immediately stuck out my camera phone and took the doll-and-books picture as if I was redoing the whole thing above. (Note: My Motorola phone has a US-based  network I can never learn to tweak. So Bluetooth and mobile Internet both don’t work out here. Boo.)

“Okay, you can take a picture,” the woman blurted. She’d already sense that I was a spy. And I was An Obvious Spy in her face. I figured that I was a giveaway so next thing I did was what a real customer would do: Pay up.

“Are you Miss Zafra’s optometrist?” (See how giveaway I was?)

“Yes,” she smiled.

“Thank you,” I reciprocated her altogether niceness and the weird Zafra connection I just sopped up from her. I’ll forever suck at stalking. Dammit.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. i used to be a huge fan of jessica zafra when i was in college. i don’t know what happened why stopped being a fan. 🙂

    but anyway, i have a friend who know her, like really know her. so if you want your tisted books signed by her, just let me know. 🙂

    • Wow I’m not sure if I can get that close through by just that HAHA we used to eye her for our college graduation speaker-ship but the admin wasn’t okay with it.

  2. I’ve read Twisted 8 1/2. And I can say she’s my favorite Filipino author. 🙂

  3. Hi!


    I ♥ N The Official Blog Launch!

    my new blog is UP NOW!!! I hope you can drop by and leave some comments 😉

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  4. hisnameisdencios

    jessica is a close friend.


  5. i would marry jessica zafra. lol.

    i am already done with the 8 1/2. too much paid advertisements. but the sarcasm, of course, it will always be there.

  6. haha… nice post! love the amateur stalking part.. 😀


  7. I also read the Twister books…love the post!…

  8. I also read Twister books…
    love your post!

  9. Yay, appear, fellow stalker. (I shouldn’t be happy about that though)

    When I was back in the Philippines years ago, I fantasized of seeing her at the mall or trying to get a taxi or something like that. But I know she wouldn’t like that kind of thinking and would rather get annoyed by that, haha.

    Did you like her 8 1/2 book? I didn’t. It was more or less about gadgets. I’d rather she talk about her cats and her awesome theories about cats instead. That’d be at least more interesting, haha.

    • I guess I’m more of a fanboy than a stalker. Pfft hoho.

      I didn’t like it that much since yeah, it was about gadgets. But she still spiced it when she put some of her experiences on ancient technology ie. typewriter. Hehe.

  10. haha! this seem interesting! nice one! 😀

  11. hahaha, I never thought someone would really come to the optometrist for the sole purpose of the autographed books. 😉

    I have totally refrained myself from commenting since your latest post but this gave me away. hahaha

  12. Wala din akong katorya torya mag-istok. Minsan may nag-email sa akin na gusto kong lagyan ng mukha. Tinanong ko si Google pero walang hits. Dahil sa kaadikan kong makita yung email sender binigay ko sa friend kong certified istoker ang email add at pagkatapos ng isang oras ay bukod sa may picture na ako ay mayroon pa akong Facebook profile. Wanna meet my friend? Kiddin. =)

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