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I’ve figured that Twilight is not that annoying to me. I don’t care if people find Twilight|book or the Twilight|movie the best series of which ever. I don’t care if they call it worst also, as I am fully secure of my personal taste. I know a few absolute suckers for this kind of “romance,” but they’re way cooler than what’s expected. But as for people going beyond fandom by dressing (and acting) like vampires/werewolves, I lay my ground to reevaluate.

I found the following video which documents an interesting new clique in San Antonio, Texas. They’re not the popular kids, nor geek, nor hipsters. They maybe inclined to look emo or goth but they say they’re totally not.  They’ are of course, hold your horses now (or for this one, herd of sheep), THE WOLF PACK.

The fascination with werewolves dates back to the 19-30’s, with popular movies starring Lon Chaney, Jr. More recently, movies like Van Helsing and the Twilight series have captured the attention of teenagers. They may not be mutating from man to wolf, but Northside school district counselors warn these teens are experiencing transformations of their own: from childhood to adulthood. [Kens5News]

I didnt know Twilight helped convinced these teens into wearing fake fangs, canine tails and spooky contacts. They claim they’re not “posers” but just being normal people seeking fun. Hmm, I still don’t get it. Attention-whorage has been an  issue for me lately.

Anyway, I’m thankful enough that in high school, I wasn’t part of the losers’ club, modesty aside. And before you shove your monitor with your bony fist if I say I was also kind of popular then, I’ll shut up. High school in the States, based from the suburban settings in American Pie, Mean Girls and the likes, I’ve deemed is amusingly ridiculous. You’ve got all sorts of cliques around and everyone would just accept it without even trying to actualize the word “versatility.” One of the wolf-kid’s mother says that she accepts his son no matter what, AND she’s more than a meter standing away from him. Wait till she realizes that her son’s allowance has drained down due to eye-liners and she’ll file a TRO altogether.

The wolf pack may have contributed something to self-expression but when things go wrong and like the a kid in the vid who abducted a dog and rummaged his skull for, I dunno– satisfaction, I can’t help from creeping myself out.

Unless, you know, if they were bad-ass like Wolverine I wouldn’t care much.


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  1. Creeps. Fanboys, fangirls. Ew.

    Haha. I know, in North America, or maybe even in the whole western world, people seem to be in cliques, groups that you can really tell just by the appearance, manner, and clothing style of each group. So predictable. I’m afraid, I was a part of the newly-immigrated Filipinos’ group, obviously separated from the Filipinos who were born and/or grew up in Canada, who didn’t want to be any part of our group. But, of course, there are always the few exceptions, people who refuse to stick to one group and all that, but, yeah, high school’s awful here.

    • For me, it’s okay to be a fanboy/girl of anything. On the contrary the most creepy would be the ones who find fandom in themselves.

      My high school was fun. Except for the restraint and control, the two BIG words I astronomically hate. haha

  2. haha, we have to accept everybody for who they are and what they sa opinyon kolang naman.. hehe

  3. I watched the video and i don’t know but something flashed in my mind bout a memory that my uncle told me several years ago when i was trying to do extreme things for the sake of self expression and to look different from others. He simply told me that I dont need to do foolish things in order to look different. I amnow in a ministry of reaching out third culture teenagers and somehow found ideas on how to deal with these people.. each of us has its own distinct characteristic that only we can possess and its just a matter of expressing it in the right way that no one will be harmed…

    back to the video, i know that there is a reason why these teens act that way. there are factors why.. the best thing their parents can do is to guide them to their journey..

  4. I hate how fans say that Twilight is the best book ever written when they only read like 3 or 4 books their whole lives. That kind of makes me hate Twilight too. But I never paid attention to these posers/wannabes/werewolves/idiots who go so far as looking like gangs of creeps. If I ever pass by these people in the streets I probably would stay away like hell.

  5. I saw this a week or so ago and it doesn’t get old. Haha! The best part was the interview with one of the moms. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, by the way.

  6. parang craze lang siguro yan mamatay din yan naturally, eheheeh

    parang ang pangit na may club or org sa school na ganyan ahaahha

    be blessed sir!

  7. long before the sudden popularity of twilight, we already have our scene kids here in the philippines. i do not have anything against them, but, do they really spend time tracing there faces with, what, eyeliners?

    • Scenesters? Lately, we have people chillin’ over at two or three in the morning sidewalks and have been labeled hipsters. 🙂

      I think their eyeliners are a mark of self-expression. Too much eyeliners, that is.

  8. self-expression. whatda. they’re causing alarm and scandal.

    i just realized that vigilance is a cute theme. bagay na bagay sa akin. lol

    • Well, thats the thing about dressing up. People think it’s to impress but it’s more special to express 🙂

      OO nga eh. Cute theme no? Very versatile in some sort. Ian Stewart of WP Designs just replied to my comment saying that Vigilance is the theme they’re reconfiguring lately. haha starstruck much!

  9. huwaw. the spotlight is yours. lol.

    another thing, how do you make those small icons in the pages bar right below the header. i want those too. shareeee!

  10. i knew it was being done in the custom menus. but i never thought of putting cute symbols. hahahaha.

  11. nosebleed.. hahaha

    pero excited na ako sa eclipse.. lols. (may masabi lang hahaha..)

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