One Word: Cute

[DISCLAIMER: NOT A PAID AD] So I jumped in the Crocs bandwagon in 2006 and managed to shell out for two pairs (navy blue and coal). I still find them comfy and versatile such that I don’t mind those so-called fashionistas retching. Lately, the prototype-sters are going mad with award-winning Sanuk and the likes to fit those bony toes in. And this 2010, look what we’ve got shorty. I mean  Shudy. Shoe+Ready. As in “Ready-made shoe.” Huh?

Ready-made shoes for consumers who still are contemplating on buying them? They must be psychic! Now that  would get me into buying. Aside from that they’re totally, wait for the highfalutin term… CUTE.

Shudy is a collection of recycled plastic and rubber-soled shoes, finely perforated for comfort, which comes in a kaleidoscope of multiple colors, ranging from dainty pastel tones to scrumptious sorbets. [MensFashionByFrancesco]

The shoes may look like leather but I believe it’s rubber. More like channeling some 50s vibe from something that’s imported from Italy. Moreover, like Crocs, they can be chosen in different colors! I have no beef with the prototype revolution but I hope they don’t cost that much.

Shudy shoes embody altogether something called Crackling Art movement in 1983 which aimed to defy environmental problems through turning what’s natural into artificial. More like recycling/reusing to leech some greater value. A la the French urinal-cum-fountain artiste Marcel Duchamp, as what’s said by Francesco.

As for now, the most environmental thing for me to do is to ogle at their cuteness. I know, how infantile.

PS They also have these stuff for women.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. kung wala lang disclaimer…ahahaha

    a very informative one sir.

    at tama ang title: CUTE

    parang on-the-go parati

  2. kakyot bagay sakin. bwahaha

  3. I love the Lemon Yellow one! I would buy one if I don’t totally suck at dressing myself. And something tells me I will never be able to work an unusual show color. 😦

    • Of course not! Bakit mo naman naisip yun?

      The key color appropriations in clothing are when you’re copper-toned, wear yellow. When you’re fair-skinned, wear red. When you’re somewhere in the middle, wear blue which is a safe color 🙂

  4. mahal ba yan barry? gusto ko kase ipangregalo. hehe

  5. I love the style of the shoes, I think I’ll pick this over Crocs.

  6. naalala ko yung collection ko ngayong taon.. polo shirt na may ibat ibang kulay at naka 9 na ako 🙂

    sa bday ko sana umulan pa ng polo shirt.. hehehe.. lols..

    parang di ko kaya mag suot ng ganyang kulay na sapatos.. siguro yung black puwede pa.. wala pang white? hahah kewl.

    • Wow cool collection of shirts you’ve got! Ako wala specifically eh, puro jackets and vests lang haha.

      When’s your birthday? I’m sure you’ll get more! 🙂

  7. Hey barrycyrus!

    These “alternatives” to Crocs look fantastic! Well, I just like the multitude of colors: Black or brown will do very fine with me. Having said that, I could just get moccasins or driving shoes but then again, they’re made of leather.

    But these Shudies–plastic and rubber! Perfect for easy afternoon strolls, rain or shine!


    • Haha take note that I’m not promoting them or anything. I just found them cute.

      I hope we just had these in the country to know how good they are in terms of utility work.

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