Raining Copycats and Dogs

There’s a new hobby in town: it’s called Reblogging. In Tumblr, the originator of the entire thing, you just do everything in two clicks. I have no beef with Tumbloggers as I myself am one, and I know a lot of geniuses residing inside the sphere. I like how it’s easy it is to browse over dandy pictures and strong quotes that commonly fill up the genteel site. It’s cute, convenient yet dangerous. Not just in terms of copyright issues but more importantly, that of true-blue originality.

Before you question me about copyright issues in my blog’s googled pictures including that one above as I seldom put captions cos it may ruin the layout, I must affirm that I always put the original link/s under the images. Right-click and there they are. It’s my subtle way of saying that I do not intend to claim they’re mine or whatever intellectual theft you are about to rave.

In a stroke of a finger, WordPress finally decides to follow the trend. How original. Their online press release begins with a sweet statement, “Have you ever come across a blog post that you enjoyed so much you wanted to easily share it with the readers of your own blog?” I could’ve answered No but I would be lying to myself for I do it in Facebook and Twitter every time something from the web excites me so much I laugh quietly by myself. And I thought that would end there, but no, I reckon. I must learn to “Share” these posts/links too in my blog in the laziest manner. And WordPress just figured out a more breezy way!

First, you click LIKE atop a blog entry. Then your settings refresh such that you’re given an option to REBLOG. A QuickTab opens and automatically the first paragraph or so is copied with a link encrypted. All you have to do is to put comments in it. And it can’t be that necessary so you’re more glad to let past and post whatever.

Really now? Shoot me. Since when was WordPress into joining dernier cri? And so I thought blogging was more of expressing what you think about things. Not just read stuff and share them. Technically, this could be quite scary as your personal posts might be associated to idiotic online people. People who, if you see and share a conversation offline, you won’t even consider befriending online.

Even if WordPress is known for being accountable, I still am shuddered. Tumblr manages to keep a track of the original creator of a post but I have first-hand account of a friend who posted an original photo he caught only to find it in a site reblogged, BUT without the track and credits. So he rolled his sleeves and reported the copycat online. And he’s just one.

More so, LA Times questions this movement as quite over-the-top having WordPress as a relatively accountable and professional web hosting service. Meaning the rest of the content-blogging industry might catch up soon with the mafia head leading the way. In the article, a Berkman Center for Internet & Society attorney named Kimberley Isbell wraps the whole fad up incongruously.

“You used to be able to do this, but you had to do it manually by cutting and pasting. To a certain extent, what you’re seeing is the platforms finally catching up to what people are doing.” [LA Times Tech]

Really? So they suspected every blogger in the world was born to reblog now? With no factual backbone to defend and provoke more significant debates? No wonder why, aside from what the haters of certain American Idol contestants have to say, e-activism-based petitions and protests never push through. That’s why we’re ignored. They thought we’re just copycats and nothing more.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. base muna baka maunahan

  2. Mas nauunawaan ko siya ngayon. Thanks for sharing. WP lang ang account ko at to tell you honestly hindi ko alam ang gamit nung Like at Reblog.

    I think credits are important kung kanino talaga dapat lalo na dun sa Reblog.

    • Yey thanks at naunawaan mo hehe.

      I totally get the relog concept but to install it even in WordPress? Man, nakakawala ng originality. I mean, that’s what I like in WP: People post their own juices. Not just borrow. :/

  3. Tama ka! This will spawn more issues on copyright and plagiarism cases.
    At katamaran. Hi Barry boy, good evening! Haha

  4. And I still don’t understand why WordPress put the ‘Like’ button on blog posts. The numbers get annoying.

    Did they also provide an option for us to prevent people from reblogging our posts?

    • I know right. I think WP already has “Rate” so why bother.

      And I have no idea if you can prevent people to actually reblog. I don’t even know who are the people liking my site.

  5. hmmm ganon pala ang buhay sa tumblr… may account ako don kaso di ko talga magets…
    hmmmm reblogging… magkaka reblog button sa wordpress?

    ok na yon kokopyahin ang link eh.. o kaya i cicite ang author.. hmm

  6. Hey barrycyrus!

    I share with your sentiments on the WP LIKE/REBLOG Feature. Oh well. Matt Wullenweg actually replied to the other blogger’s similar sentiments by saying to give the feature a try and see any changes in stats, content, etc. You know, cover-up excuses. But what can we do, we’re just sharing in a platform that is provided to us for free. And most of the time, we free-users tend to become experimental grounds for features readily provided to WP.org users. *sigh!*

    By the way, thanks very much for the birthday greeting! 😀


    • Aww don’t feel that bad. I really am more rattled by WP joining the trend. Fine, it’s cool but for some reason it tends to lose what WP has been known for: Being professional-looking and being original.

      Of course, no problem! Hope you had a wonderful one!

  7. this reblogging shit is absolutely patethic. they’re missin out on the whole point of blogging.

    yeah, you write some, you read some…and you share some. but not to the extent of just going lazy reblogging on zombie mode everytime.

    Tumblr sucks. Any monkey can use Tumblr, but not everyone can write a decent blog entry (like this one)

    • Dude, are you flattering me or what, but thank you!!! haha

      I’m using Tumblr and am anything but against Tumbloggers. Reblogging is for Tumblr. Blogging is for WordPress. I just want it that way. 🙂

  8. grabeh ka rin mag isip ng isusulat sa blog mo noh? hay naku, me, i don’t think i have the energy to do that na… hehehe…

    ok na sana sa akin yung thought ng social bookmarking and sharing sa FB and stuff… pero u are ryt, nakakawala ng originality, creativity, and artistry ang reblogging…. there are so many amazing blogs in the world… if reblog ka ng reblog, wala nang panahon to come up with something just as great on your own… 🙂

    • So true. Reblogging limits originality and creates too much sappiness.

      And hindi naman masyado, haha ganyan talaga nagcoconspire ang universe to come up with good topics to blog about. Also, my blog stats motivate me. I feel like an artiste HAHAHA

      And besides, I’m a certified bum nowadays hahaha

  9. so wordpress.com has this option too, huh? i just hope there are measures to protect your blog or certain posts from being shared or reblogged instantly (although the same could be achieved with ctrl+c, ctrl+v so what’s the point?) but don’t you think it’s flattering to get your posts reblogged?

    with regards to tracking, that’s another story but why bother? does anyone get royalty for internet published posts? with or without credit, you know it’s yours if it actually is and putting something online makes that something vulnerable to almost anything. in the end, if you want to protect copyright stuff from being copied you might want to re-consider sharing it online or just be responsible and take enough measures to secure your work (e.g. big watermark on images/ pdf files with watermarks and/or digital tags – can be changed but peopled don’t usually check for it) ^_^

    P.S: thanks for dropping by on The Daily Blah!

    • No one gets “royalty for internet published posts.” But that doesn’t mean that your posts are all for everyone to just take in and print out without proper credit or sorts. It maybe the world wide web’s nature of being for public consumption but same rules for patent rights and proper attribution should be observed. Even if it’s just the old-school copy-paste trick or the reblog function, as the original producer of something, it’s never enough that “you [just] know it’s yours.” This is what I learned as a comm student 🙂

      PS On the flattery part, yeah it kinda boosts the ego but for how long? I think there’s Twitter or Tumblr for that 🙂

      PPS I like yer site! I’ll link you right away sir! :p

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