Like a Royal Tomb from Egypt

Like a rising sensation atop a pyramid, 18-year-old international Pinay pop star Charice Pempengco confirms she’s joining Glee next season. I believe the kid (Okay, I’m 19 right?)  has both the vocal chords and the charm to nail it. Remember when she guested in Oprah and told her that the reason behind her amazing larynx-prowess is her diaphragm. And Oprah could only reply, “I have a diaphragm too.”

Well, it’s true now! Sources confirm to me exclusively that the international pop star is signed, sealed, and delivered to recur next season as a foreign exchange student whose killer vocals get Rachel (Lea Michele) contemplating murder. [The Ausiello Files on EW]

Reports here and here also indicate that Charice’s a foreign exchange student who would match head-to-head with New Directions’ self-absorbed star Rachel Berry (Lea Michele). Well I haven’t seen Charice act but she  singing in her Youtube vids really arrives as spectacular. She’s like  a young pre-junkie Whitney Houston.

I believe that altogether, this is great news for Filipinos who always need to tell to the world that We Are Better. Nonetheless, I don’t care that much. As I myself am more excited with the show’s ultimate comeback next season. Less sad, depressing, zigzagging episodes, please Ryan Murphy! 🙂

Charice joins Glee Season Two (Pic by Gleetastic)

So what do you think, guys?


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  1. Oh. Parang kailan lang she denied it tapos dun din naman pala ang punta. Oh well papel.

  2. Ayoko sa biriterang batang mukhang matanda / matandang mukhang bata! Haha!
    But will watch her on Glee, for the sake of.
    I miss Glee!

  3. the news about her being on glee is one of twitter’s trending topic today. nakakatuwa lang talaga ang iba sa ating mga kababayan, the second charice confirmed the news, a lot have been saying stuff like it would have been better if it was lea salonga or that charice has a huge problem with her english and other still say that she just doesn’t fit the cast.

    well, i don’t know about them. when i saw charice’s tweet, i was like ‘yay!’ she may not be the pretty or as some claim doesn’t have that ‘hollywood’ thing, but she made it on on of america’s most talked about shows. she has shown great talent and at 18, she’ll only go places.

    yes, i am a fan. because i am a fan of great filipino talent. nakakalungkot lang kasi kung kelan kinda mainstream na ang pinoy sa hollywood, ang dami pa rin ang pinaiiral ang pagiging talangka.

    ang bitter ko ba? 🙂

  4. I was reading the news over the internet just now.

    I feel envy.

    I can play a foreign student too. 😦

  5. di na ko manonood ng glee next season. char!

  6. haha. i don’t care about charice being in glee. because, one, i don’t watch glee. and two, i don’t watch charice. for god’s sake. haha

  7. Nothing will take my eyes off Brittany. ❤

  8. This made me worry.

    Charice irritates me. But I AM proud of her as a fellow Pinoy. And I have to agree that she has a great voice.

    That said, I will still watch Glee. 🙂

  9. I love Glee. I don’t know what will happen when Charice joins in. I don’t like Charice, simply said. But I hope her being an addition to the well-loved Glee cast would turn out fine.

    • I know right. Yeah, she’s gotten that incredible voice but I just hope they could pull off Glee with a finer storyline. Which is what we’re truly asking for!

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