Pass Me That Handkerchief

So we’ve all awaited 11 years for this and Toy Story 3 only makes me not want to grow up just yet. And I just graduated college! I should’ve known Lee Unkrich was messin’ up with my feelings and anticipating me to burst out into tears like how R. Allers and R. Minkoff did me in the first Lion King. I almost sniveled and I tried so hard to control it. (Sniff!)

Just a while back, I managed to be spontaneous and decided to watch the biggest movie trilogy of all time (step aside,  Harry Potter, LOTR or Twilight goons). And who do I grab when something as random as this snaps in my head? Myself. Everyone was a drone in their remotely controlled universes. I swooped to the movies as fast as I could. You, disgusting sweethearts on my way! Get a room! I will kill for this movie!

And so I comfortably slid my derriere on a cold screening. Nakakaiyak (It’s a tearjerker), people online have vented. Pussies, who cries inside the theatres? I should’ve eaten a thesaurus for those words. My eyes were watery enough that I felt I wanted to replace Jake Cuenca in all his TV roles.

Oh Woody! (Pic from FanPop)

Sergeant: We’ve done our duty. Andy’s grown up.

Soldier: Let’s face it. When the trash bags come out, we army guys are the first to go.

Buzz Lightyear: Trash bags?

Woody: Who said anything about trash bags?

Sergeant: It has been an honor serving with you. Good luck, folks.

Now why after such a long time, Toy Story 3 is still a hit? Well at least to me.

  • Same old characters. Now Woody, Buzz and the gang never grew old. They’re toys and the best part is they are completely different from each other even if they make an ensemble (Read: hard to cast and direct altogether).  Woody is still that stubborn cowboy, Rex still the reptilian coward and Mr. Potato Head still the annoying, umm, potato.

Up to Sunnyside Daycare (Pic from FanPop)

  • New Toys! The toys we’ve met in the previous installments were as hilarious as these ones. Lotso Huggin Bear, I knew from the start, was sinister with his mayoral aura. The Baby was freaky, period. And Bonnie’s new toys made awesome complements to Andy’s toys!

Woody Meets Bonnie (Pic from FanPop)

  • Hilarity and Wit. Special mention to Barbie and Ken who had the most “politically-relevant” lines ever (“No one’s interested in clothing, anymore Barbie.”), and to Mr. Potato Head who rocked his taco bread and cucumber selves. I was laughing out loud I didn’t mind! On the first, Ken was bluntly displaying the breed of metrosexuals to children. Amen.
  • Jessie and Buzz in Love (Pic from FanPop)

  • Drama. Nothing breaks one’s heart more awful than saying goodbye. As Andy’s mom realizes that her son’s room is now barren, it reminds me of having to not have one real home for the rest of my life, where I have to transfer and adjust and transfer and adjust as always. As Andy plays his last with his old toys bequeathed later to the new owner, Bonnie, it makes me realize how I’ve grown so much and  forgetting a lot of my childhood. The ones that really dug deep. As Andy starts his engine and says, “Thanks guys” to his toys for one last glimpse, I stagger my way about to find a time machine and be young once more. Where goodbyes were never as painful like today.
  • Andy Graduating (Pic from FanPop)



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  1. Brr, sige na nga. Magdadala ako ng bimpo sa byernes sa podium. 🙂

  2. Given how threequels normally don’t measure up, this was actually a great movie. I agree with most of the things you wrote here. It’s fun to note that Barbie and Ken are into some serious bondage fetish. 🙂

    I miss Bo Peep though. 😦

  3. i need to watch this real soon… if only i’m not that busy.. been waiting for it for so long. but growing up and saying goodbyes, i wish we don’t have to go through them.

  4. I haven’t watched a single Toy Story movie.


    It saddens me.

  5. ang ganda, di ba?
    and you went to see it alone! and you cried! and i end my sentences with this!

    tama ka, ang sarap pala manood ng sine mag-isa. 🙂

    • Super! It measured up the successes of the prequels!

      Haha almost cried lang. I went to the movies alone cos I felt so random that day. Impulsive and random haha

  6. my favorite movie of the year 😀

  7. barrycus is not a blogger, therefor he is……

    eto panyo baka umiiyak ka pa jan.

  8. The first Toy Story scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. That creepy neighbor of theirs with his braces and horrifying toys!! Now that I think about it, he seems cool, compared to the bland, plain and neat white boy Andy, ugh.

    Other than that, I was a big fan of the Toy Story series back in the old days. But, is it just me or will more teenagers and adults who grew up with the Toy Story series be more pleased with this instalment than the newer generations, the young’uns today? Especially since, if I’m not mistaken, the film is about Andy growing up and moving on from his childhood phase and the toys dealing with this, unlike something like Peter Pan, about a boy who doesn’t want to grow up and will never grow up at all.

    • Yeah I think the appeal of the third movie is, not just the first full-length computer-generated film in history being in three fucking D, but also because it really is linear to the previous ones. Back when we watched the first one about 15 years ago. There was a story and we felt like we’ve waited for a long long while to actually watch this one. It grew in our hearts 🙂

    • I can relate, raspberryreich. The creature with a baby head and metal legs is what really creeped me out. Speaking of Sid, I read in Yahoo News that he appears in this third movie as a garbage man. Haha.

      And about your other opinion, I’ve noticed that, too. In some way, Pixar’s film themes lately have been more mature. But, they’ve been set and presented in such a kiddy manner, which is sneaky. I mean, for the most part, you’re smiling and laughing out loud, then by the end, you’re tearing up because of your deceased wife’s photo album or your long-time owner finally leaves.

  9. I wanna watch. I wanna watch. @_@

    Thanks for this. Made me realize I need to watch.

  10. I saw you post this days ago, I just decided not to read it or say anything because I still haven’t watched the movie then. AND I WAITED FOR THIS ONE TO SHOW SINCE LAST YEAR!

    Seriously, I marked my calendar as early as June of 2009! Pixar is looove!

  11. After seeing the movie, I already believe that toys have life, seriously.

  12. Aye, Tanks for the review man. I am gona watch it right away. 🙂 BTW, how ya doooin?

    – Chirag

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