Desperately Seeking Superhumans

The Mayans may be completely wrong about the world ending in 2012 for I think the universe is indeed crumbling at this very moment. With my ominous stepping on my KFC meal gravy TWICE last night (hence some moron leaping to the bathroom just to wash a foot), I could very well conclude that the end is near, the end is so near that we humans need to evolve into something more virile. Like, well,  the radioactive-waves-immune cockroaches.

  • Recently, Twitter has been “overloaded” again. This upset a lot of Tweeters as it sorts of hampers their little voices. It’s like Twitter’s making them shut up, like censorship. And nobody likes censorship! The first Nobel Prize Portuguese-language writer Jose Saramago (God blessed his soul) never liked censorship!
  • To catch up with this beautiful trend of bugging down, Tumblr also had its major breakdown the past couple of days.
  • I terribly was the last one to know that Neil Patrick Harris is gay, thus causing my Twitter friends to overreact. Didn’t really had it since I have the poorest of all gaydars. There’s nothing wrong with being gay though, cos I don’t discriminate and… really, there’s nothing wrong with it. So before contemplating on whether I should see Harris in How I Met Your Mother, I find myself whacked from another late rumor of Matthew Morrison being gay too. But sooner he said he’s totally not. In fact, I am scarred by him and Glee co-star Dianna Agron being sweet and cozy to each other! Eek! Yeah, they look divine together but the age gap (they better not be the ones being hormonal in THIS  DISTURBING ARTICLE! Is this another Hayden Panetierre-Milo Ventimiglia hook-up? Well, the latter broke up anyway.

Hugs (Pic from Socialite Life)

Talks (Pic from Socialite Life)

  • Speaking of breaking into pieces, what’s up with the Ampatuan murder case witnesses’ lack of security. One of them was shot dead recently and no one’s doing anything about despotism! I’m irked! Go yammer about what the other countries would think of our justice system, but I principally protest of our visible lack of A Justice System That Works! If the biggest crime in media history could not be taken care of and resolved by a government, would anyone else choose to die in this country as a hero? Would people actually want to die?
  • And speaking– again– of death, today’s the anniversary of Michael Jackson‘s mortality. It was reported that he’s making better bucks now that he’s decomposed than when he was composing songs. Because really, between a universe that’s about to depart and a universe for the departed, I bet MJ’s having more fun in the latter.

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. The end of the world because of malfunctions in the Internet and bizaare news in the showbiz area?? Really? 😛

    We the living worship the departed too much. And corporations know this. As soon as MJ died, the greedy corporations took advantage of this and quickly took out his album records and all that, waiting for the loads of people to come and buy his albums, which they call “paying tribute” to his death.

    Now that he is posthumous, people seem to have stopped making any jokes about his pedophilic cases and his pathetic attempts to make himself white. If he weren’t dead, most people wouldn’t even touch his music with a ten-foot pole for the fear of being ridiculed of and being a fan of a pedophilic mental case.

    Neil Patrick Harris! Yes, he belongs to our team! Beh :P. Hahaha.

    • End of the world, yeah! Haha Im just playing with the figures of speech okay. Why wait for 2012?

      MJ’s death money not to mention, also has a lot to give back to his debt.

      And oh, I am so cool with Harris being a fantastic performer! Awesome!

  2. ang daming alam ni barry. nakakatuwa.

    english na, dami pang info. naoverload tuloy ako. teehee

  3. Parang i love this round-up 😀 Sorry I ddnt know link to this yung natanggal ko dun sa RT 😀

  4. I no longer Twit or Tumbl. Although I LOVE Tumblr.

    Matthew is SO HOT. And it’s funny you didn’t know NPH was gay. :p

    And the Ampatuan case really makes me want to go berserker mode on them.

    • I like Twitter, cos it’s like I can post whatever I wanted to haha

      I know, this news made my Twitter friends go, “That’s the most bentang realization of the day, Barry!” HAHA

  5. bakit ba death ang topic mo, anyway wala namang masama, hindi naman nilikha ang blog para sa mga positibong pananaw laman di ba. tsaka dun tayo lahat papunta nakakatakot man e ganon talaga, letz wait for 2012. toinkz

  6. i like twitter, i read a comment on failbook kasi na if you update your facebook status like ten times in a day, you better get twitter. and that’s what i did.

    wala lang, may mai-share lang. 😉

  7. Neil Patrick Harris and James Morrison were ❤ in Dream On. Sighs. 🙂

    I think the Mayans had it figured out when they said the end of the world was in 2012. 2012 = graduation year. End of the world indeed :)). Although, I think the apocalypse is somewhere between 3rd and 4th year.

    Twitter and Tumblr huh? I could almost hear all the irate people yelling their heads off.

    I don't watch news anymore. Apart from the fact that I am knee-deep in exams, the only thing I get from the night news is cold, hard disappointment. Screw the justice here in the Philippines, if it ever existed.

    • Dream On was kinda boring until Harris and Morris belting i out in the sort of auditions haha

      I know, Twitter and Tumblr should never bug down! That’s what I’m thankful for here in WordPress cos that never happens her 🙂

      And oh, nice two years of studying ahead! 🙂

      • Yeah but the falsetto was out of this world. Haha. :))

        If WordPress ever bugs down, it’s the end of the world!

        And I’m already dying due to academics. Here’s to me surviving the 2 years of hell. 😛

  8. I crush Dianna/Quinn!

  9. Let the world be done with me, I refuse to be turned into, or my future children to be cockroaches. :p

    I didn’t notice Tumblr having down times. This was probably just caqused by Justin Bieber creating a Tumblr account. Que horror!

    I have the hots for NPH. Seriously, I smiled like hell when I found out that he was gay. Now about that HIMYM marathon..

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