Monthly Archives: July 2010

Cos Israel in 4 B.C. had no mass communication

Name a mainstream local journalist who makes you feel like submitting yourself into idolatry. Someone you could write a biographical novelette of, someone you could endure breathing the same air in the same room with. Think. Think real hard now… Going once? Going twice?

Does the beauty pageant question kill you? That’s understandable. Giveaway answer of course: Cheche Lazaro, duh. ( Read more… )


Jenny Raving from the Block

The first four Taylors you might meet in heaven could include Swift, Lautner, Hanson, and, grumble now, Hicks. The controversial Taylor Momsen will sashay to hell without even trying. Her  forked tongue has caused her negative publicity but she’s not affording some damn anyway. As of her leave  as Jenny Humphrey in the yawn-producing Gossip Girl, she’s fronting out some awesome rock music with The Pretty Reckless. ( Read more… )

Barry Cyrus Dot Com? Of Course…

In a quite boastful way to celebrate my upcoming fourth third blog anniversary (yeah, right), I thought of buying myself a web domain. As in The Big  Blinking Dot Com. I was willing to upgrade my WP account and my, well, blogger-self in general. ( Only to find out via GoDaddy that… )

The Thin Line Between Hate and More Hate

I cannot seem to locate a venue to release this but there are some things in my twisted life that I love to hate (or technically, to dislike):

  • People who think Ray-Ban‘s at night, indoors, or at any circumstance that doesn’t ask for optometry help, is cool.
  • Those who walk so slow before my pace, when I’m hurrying for something.
  • Most of the ancient, obscure yet applauded motion picture classics: Citizen Kane, Battleship Potemkin, Ozu films, or anything that reminds me of my film class back then. Fine, my German teacher was excellent. But we had it at dull, gloomy Monday mornings and the videotheque ambiance was reminiscent of a Pinoy dim-lit, bamboo, miniature chicken fence.
  • Nicholas Cage.
  • The fact that The Sorcerer’s Apprentice trailer breaks the ice which urges me to go view the film, but I then realize that Nicholas Cage is in it. I’m in a crisis.
  • The predicted fall of Lindsay Lohan.
  • The video of a supposedly UFO in China, but was actually a missile launched…  In Kazakhstan! Hah!
  • This future-inept life that I live upon that causes me to think about these nonsense things then hate them. I hate myself. Bye.

( But somehow my day gets surprisingly brightened up this one girl… )